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Blockchain Technology Could Be The Future Of Private Equity
Private equity has become one of the most popular alternative assets over the last couple of years, but investing in PE is complex because there is no secondary market for it. However, one expert suggests security tokens based on a blockchain could solve some of the issues keeping many investors out of the PE space. Thus, blockchain technology could one
Report: Verizon Hiring Blockchain Engineers
Verizon Communications Inc. VZ is reportedly hiring for blockchain-related jobs. The job openings suggest the telecom may be building a product centered on privacy, security and payments, according to the publication The Block. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: Sarah Stierch (CC BY 4.0)
NexChange Interview Series: Dr. Larry Sanger (Part 1/2)
Video, Blockchain
In this episode of the NexChange Interview Series, we give you an exclusive interview with Wikipedia co-founder Dr. Larry Sanger, who shares his thoughts on his famous creation and his current blockchain-based project, Everipedia, with NexChange’s Olga Yaroshevsky. Here’s Part One: Transcript: Olga Yaroshevsky: I don’t want to start with the Wikipedia. Dr. Larry Sanger: Good! OY: Let’s start with
Bitcoin Hyper Aims To Make Crypto Practical
Bitcoin Hyper enters the cryptocurrency space as an enhanced version of bitcoin whose processing time is approximately two seconds faster than typical credit card transaction timing. The new cryptocurrency launched Tuesday on the virtual exchange. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: iStock
3 High-Tech Medical Breakthroughs You May Have Missed
Is technology damaging your health? While there is a plethora of evidence to suggest that our biology does not always respond well to technology, there’s also another side to this story. Technology is now improving healthcare in ways we never could have imagined. PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay Three examples of high-tech medical breakthroughs in recent years include the use of medical
Cointime Summit 2019 to Highlight Vietnam’s Blockchain Market
Thanks to very accommodating governments, Southeast Asia has become one of the most dynamic regions for crypto and blockchain, with many countries working toward mainstream implementation of the technology. With a government seeking to transform its economy through blockchain, Vietnam is a great example of this, and the Cointime Summit 2019 aims to highlight the local market and it’s various
TD Ameritrade Moves One Step Closer Towards Making Trading Through Your Car Possible
If you’ve ever wanted to execute a trade via the voice control in your car, well, you can’t. At least not yet. But that could be a reality soon. TD Ameritrade AMTD 0.02% announced Monday several new integrations that will provide access to real-time quotes, portfolio information, and content from the TDA Network via Apple Inc AAPL CarPlay, Alphabet Inc’s
Crypto Derivatives Market Fueled By Bitcoin Rally – Will End Badly
Whitney Tilson’s email to investors discussing the IBM value trap; Are Analyst Trade Ideas Valuable?; Bitcoin Rally Fuels Market in Crypto Derivatives; My theory on where Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell got their BIG money. jaydeep_ / Pixabay 1) IBM (IBM) reported yet another dismal quarter after the close yesterday, in which revenue fell 4.2% and operating income (excluding “other
High-Yield Credit in a Fed Easing Cycle
High-yield corporate bond spreads and bank loan discount margins typically widen when the Fed is lowering interest rates. Here are the key takeaways from our third quarter High-Yield and Bank Loan Outlook report: Investors may be tempted to go down in quality in anticipation of a Fed-induced rally in leveraged credit. History suggests this would be ill-advised. On average since
Can Facebook’s Libra Be Used For Illicit Transactions?
ValueWalk’s Q&A session with Dr. Tom Robinson, the Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Elliptic, in which he reacts to the Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) hearing in front of Senate and Congress. In this interview, Dr. Robinson discusses when he got into cryptocurrencies, concerns on Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, if Venezuela can evade sanctions with Libra, and if Libra can be used for illicit transactions.