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Report: The People's Bank of China's Digital Currency Is Now 'Ready'
Barely a month after it accelerated its crypto plans, China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) is now reportedly “ready.” The Token Post, citing the Shanghai Securities News, reported yesterday that the Middle Kingdom will be rolling out its CBDC “soon.” Mu Changchun, deputy chief of the People’s Bank of China’s payments and settlements unit, said that the CBDC prototype is
Rise Of The Machines With This ETF
Robots haven't taken over the world, at least not yet, but one exchange traded fund powered by artificial intelligence is performing pretty well. The AI Powered Equity ETF AIEQ 0.43% is higher by nearly 19% year to date. What Happened Backed by IBM's famous Watson supercomputer, AIEQ, which turns two years old in October, is an actively managed ETF using
The Tech Advancements That Are Shaping How Brim Financial, Other Fintech Companies Handle Banking
Brim Financial CEO and Founder Rasha Katabi offers insight into how the landscape is changing Image source: Money Inc. Time and again technology advancements continue to enhance the way banking is done. From ATMs to electronic statements, the future of banking has always evolved with the progression of technology. The changes to banking in the last few years have been
ECB Signals Easing, But What’s Left in the Policy Arsenal?
Acentral banker’s nightmare is losing control of inflation expectations. Whereas decades ago the challenge facing major central banks was reining in overly high inflation expectations – a process that ushered in central banks’ independence and inflation targets – the European Central Bank’s (ECB) challenge today is reviving unduly low expectations up toward its stated aim of “inflation rates below, but
Hacker Extorts World’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange Over KYC Data
Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, recently revealed that it has been targeted by an extortionist seeking “300 BTC in exchange for withholding 10,000 photos that bear similarity to Binance KYC data.” The Malta-headquartered exchange refused to cooperate with the hacker, and as such, a shedload of the photos have been released, including several hundred that he
Chinese Cloud Services Rivalry Heats up as Alibaba, Tencent Face Off
Cloud-as-a-service has emerged as a growth driver for many companies, which explains the huge investments made by some big-name companies such as, Inc. AMZN and Alphabet Inc GOOGL GOOG. Betting On Chinese Cloud Services As with most other innovative cutting-edge technologies, China has emerged as a force to reckon with in the cloud computing sector. China's overall cloud industry
Apple Card – Trailblazer Or Just Another Brick In The Wall?
Recent rumblings about the Apple Card and its inability to fund online gambling and crypto transactions seem to put the brand in a funky spot. Not only does the move not match Apple’s identity as an innovator, but also actively works against the unorthodox model it was built on. Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot Bryce Daifuku, CEO and founder of
5 Key Investment Themes for the Remainder of 2019
Rick Rieder and Russ Brownback highlight the investment themes that they think will drive markets and dominate debate within the investment community over the next several months and beyond. Over recent weeks, we have been vocal about five “big themes” for markets that will likely dominate the second half of 2019. These themes take stock of a collection of secular
Report: State-Backed Hackers Are Targeting Crypto Firms
Here’s something interesting. FireEye, a California-based cybersecurity company, says with “high confidence” that Chinese government hackers have been attacking crypto firms (PDF). The hackers, called APT41, have been active since 2012 and initially targeted video game companies for financial gain. FireEye, however, claims that the group has since expanded to state-sponsored activity alongside its own financially motivated operations. As with
Colorado Has A Unicorn: Digital Payment Company Ibotta
Ibotta, the company behind the mobile shopping app that bears its name ("I bought a ... "), has reached unicorn status after confirming a Series D financing round at a roughly $1-billion valuation. What Happened The latest round of financing makes Ibotta one of the fastest-growing consumer tech companies in its home state of Colorado, Ibotta said in a Tuesday press release. The amount