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'Fastest Crypto Exchange In The World' Released To Retail Market
The crypto wallet Blockchain announced Tuesday that it has launched The PIT, an institutional-grade crypto exchange with microsecond-latency. “The current crypto exchange market is outdated, broken, and skewed against users. We got tired of waiting for a new entrant to deliver the performance today’s traders demand,” Peter Smith, Blockchain's CEO and co-founder, said in a statement. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: JD
UK FCA’s Final Guidance On Crypto Assets: What It Means For You
As you may know, today the UK Financial Conduct Authority published its final guidance on crypto assets, defining what tokens come under its jurisdiction, classifying what it considers the 3 main types of tokens: Security, E-Money and Unregulated tokens. mohamed_hassan / Pixabay In response to the report, a number of experts in the space have provided their insights, which can be seen
Rising Risk of No-Deal Brexit
With the pound sliding to two-year lows, currency markets are signaling a higher probability of a no-deal Brexit. But the fallout from no deal would hurt the rest of Europe, too, and add to downward pressure on euro-area bond yields. Much has changed since we wrote our last Brexit update in May: the UK has a new prime minister (Boris
Outlook on Europe
European equity markets have been caught in the middle of opposing forces, mainly growing tensions around global trade and increasingly dovish central banks. This has pushed European government bond yields to fresh lows and caused bond-sensitive sectors to climb higher, further stretching valuations. In this environment, it is becoming increasingly important for investors to be discerning, to focus on fundamentals
Six Years Since The First ICO And The Shift To STOs
On July 31, 2013, J.R. Willett launched the first ever ICO, Mastercoin (now Omni), and tomorrow will mark 6 years since this monumental occasion. Looking at the last 6 years, it’s evident that the industry has matured and the very nature of fundraising within the blockchain space has changed. We’ve witnessed a slight shift away from ICOs: as evidenced in
qSpark Developer Talks Low-Latency, High-Frequency Trading Infrastructure
FinTech, AI
In an interview with Benzinga, Eliezer Paiewonsky, director of DevOps at qSpark, a provider of low latency trading platforms, discussed progress on a field-programmable gate array solution to help bolster risk management and high-speed executions. About qSpark qSpark is a tech company that provides advanced trading platforms that enable low latency execution of proprietary algorithms and strategies via co-located infrastructures. Read
China’s First Digital Bank Teams up With HK Startup to Develop ‘Federated Learning’ AI
Tencent-backed WeBank, China’s first digital bank, is currently developing new models in artificial intelligence called “federated learning,” DigFin reports. Traditional machine learning requires all the data to be centralized into one machine or datacenter. This, however, can be privacy-intrusive especially for banks and devices which store sensitive information. Federated Learning on the other hand is designed for decentralized data, allowing
Weighing the Week Ahead: Four Risky Hurdles
The economic calendar is massive, and that is just the start. Earnings season is in full swing. US/China trade talks resume. And finally, the FOMC announces its interest rate decisions. Expect plenty of commentary on the individual news items, but the real question is: How deftly can the market leap the four hurdles? (Data, Earnings, Fed, and Trade = DEFT).
Data Standardization Is Critical To Drive Efficiency Into Food Supply Chains
Food supply chains are often plagued with a lack of visibility and transparency, extending from the farm to the fork. The primary reason for these issues is the way food is being sourced. Food sourcing is now truly global, with produce being shipped from different corners of the world and stocked in supermarkets, moving through the hands of several stakeholders
This Robotic Contact Lens Lets You Zoom By Blinking
Pexels / Pixabay A new robotic contact lens is controlled via simple eye movements. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego developed the contact lens to work off the electrical signals which are given off naturally by the human eye. Among other things, they hope the lens can one day be used to control robots or machines using only