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NexChange Interview Series: Michael Terpin, Transform Group
This week on the NexChange Interview Series, we join NexChange’s Olga Yaroshevsky on the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise where she sat down with Transform Group CEO Michael Terpin. The two talk about Terpin’s landmark case against crypto thieves, where he was awarded over $75 million in damages, as well as his recent case versus AT&T. They also discuss the flaws of
What The MoneyGram-Ripple Deal Could Mean For The Cryptocurrency Space
The announcement that Ripple is partnering with MoneyGram International, Inc. MGI 4.38% has been met with a positive reaction as cryptocurrency goes mainstream. The blockchain payment company made an initial investment of $30 million in the money transfer company comprised of common stock and a warrant to purchase common stock. Ripple purchased newly issued common stock from MoneyGram, including the
The Coming Sino-American Bust-Up
Whether or not US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, agree to another truce at the upcoming G20 summit in Osaka, the Sino-American conflict has already entered a dangerous new phase. Though a negotiated settlement or a managed continuation of the status quo are possible, a sharp escalation is now the most likely scenario. NEW YORK –
Fixed Income & FX Leaders’ Summit APAC 2019
Discounts for NexChange readers. See below. Come September, the world leading Fixed Income Summit 2019 returns to Singapore. This year they will be focusing on current geopolitical issues, the development of Asian bonds and finance and  FX execution costs and liquidity injection through Fintech. Fixed Income and FX Leaders’ Summit APAC 2019 inviting over 300+ Senior Vice Presidents Directors, Heads
Blockchain in Business: 5 Risks to Consider in 2019
What is blockchain? A blockchain is a technology involving the process of transfer or transaction of assets, information, or identity directly between the sender and receiver, thereby eliminating the need of third party authorization. The functioning of money related transactions is based on cryptocurrency. TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay Now the question is, what is a cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency, commonly referred to as
Lessons From Fintech Applied To Insuretech
Background I’ve seen this story before.  Having worked in fintech since 2005, I witnessed the fintech wave forming, cresting, and eventually crashing into the financial ecosystem.  If there is a fraternal twin to banking, it’s the insurance industry.  Both industries are built on managing risk, capital, compliance, and distribution.  Not everything in fintech will apply to insuretech, but there’s a
From Kyrgyzstan To London: How This CEO Is Trying To Revolutionize Productivity In Financial Services
FinTech, AI
Benzinga's Fintech Focus Podcast features conversations with the biggest names in fintech. Subscribe to the Fintech Focus newsletter to get a roundup of industry news delivered to your inbox weekly, and check out upcoming programming at Benzinga events. How do you communicate with co-workers? Email? Slack? Video conferencing tools like Zoom Video Communications ZM 0.1%? Read more at Benzinga. Photo:
MDs To Prescribe Sex Robots, Already Covered By Medical Insurance
AI, Healthtech
MDs to Prescribe Sex Robots, Already Covered by Medical Insurance; Lack of Regulation Could Trigger Many Problems, Including Citizenship For Robots niekverlaan / Pixabay WASHINGTON, D.C.  (June 13, 2019) –  Experts are predicting that hyper-realistic sex robots [sexbots] will soon be prescribed by doctors for people, largely male, diagnosed as “sexually dysfunctional,” and Psychology Today is warning that the large
Fintech Analytics: The Top 7 Metrics Every Fintech Company Should Monitor
In an incredibly competitive sector, fintech companies collecting big data streams should ask themselves: How do I make sure I’m poised to take advantage of market opportunities the moment they emerge? How do I diagnose and fix incidents before they have time to impact my business? How do I monitor the information I need to stay ahead? Am I monitoring
Facebook Releases Blockchain Powered Libra Currency
Yesterday, Facebook finally revealed details about its highly anticipated Libra currency. Media claims that the new digital coin could take over the way consumers spend their money, although some are concerned about its security. Libra’s whitepaper was unveiled yesterday, while the coin itself will be launched along with its Calibra wallet in 2020. According to The Wall Street Journal, Libra