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Report: Fidelity is Eyeing March to Launch its Bitcoin Custody Service
Fidelity Investments' anticipated bitcoin custody service, which will service institutional investors that want to trade cryptocurrencies, is now slated to launch in March, Bloomberg reports. Fidelity is expected to first offer bitcoin storage and then ether custody next, according to Bloomberg, citing three firms that have spoken to Fidelity. “We are currently serving a select set of eligible clients as
Alphabet’s Jigsaw Extends its Cyber Protections to Europe’s Upcoming Elections
Jigsaw, the Alphabet unit that aims to make the world safer through technology, is expanding its Project Shield technology that protects against distributed denial of services attacks to European political organizations, campaigns, and candidates, the company said Tuesday. Project Shield already defends news and human rights organizations against the attacks, which overwhelm servers with bogus traffic so legitimate requests can’t
Artificial Intelligence Company Yewno Brings AI to Financial Research With Yewno|Edge
Investing is all about identifying relationships. A change in this data point will affect that asset. A change in that asset will affect this other asset. This domino effect can ultimately wreak havoc on an investment portfolio. Of course, there’s an almost infinite amount of possible connections between corporate activity, macro- and micro-economic indicators and other global events that can
Survey: Hong Kongers Find Fintech Firms as Trustworthy as Banks
Here’s something that’ll perk up the Hong Kong fintech community. International Investment, citing a recent survey, says that most Hong Kongers find fintech companies just as trustworthy as banks: Seven in every ten (70%) Hong Kongers said to have the same level of trust between fintech and banks, the study from MHP Communications revealed. The percentage seems to be high
Kik is Reportedly Challenging the SEC's Ability to Regulate ICOs
Mobile messaging app Kik is gearing up for a court battle to challenge the Securities and Exchange Commission's authority to regulate initial coin offerings (ICOs), the Wall Street Journal reports. Ted Livingston, chief founder and chief executive officer of the Waterloo, Ontario-based startup, tells the Journal that the company "plans to fight an expected enforcement action from the Securities and
Searching For the 'Holy Grail' of Crypto Rules
When global crypto wallet firm Xapo recently announced at the World Web Forum in Zurich that it was relocating its most important business operations from Hong Kong to Switzerland, Xapo's president Ted Rogers cited "he search for a better crypto regulatory environment" as the reason for the move, according to Cointelegraph. When Michael Arrington, a partner at Arrington XRP Capital,
Samsung Blockchain KeyStore: Galaxy S10 To Get Cryptocurrency Wallet
Image Source: Samsung Newsroom (screenshot) When folks at SamMobile reported last month that Samsung would launch its own cryptocurrency wallet with the Galaxy S10, the Korean company dismissed it as “rumor and speculation.” Newly leaked pictures of Galaxy S10 suggest the device will indeed have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet called the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore app. The leaked images also show
7 Ways the U.S. Government Shutdown is Impacting the Tech Sector
Going into the fourth week of the U.S. government shutdown, its impact goes beyond the some 800,000 federal employees who’ve been furloughed. It’s also having a huge impact on the tech sector in myriad ways, from layoffs to Super Bowl ads. Here are seven ways the shutdown is having an impact on the sector: Some small companies that depend on
Top Crypto Investor Predicts Bitcoin Will Go to Zero
It's no real secret by now that after bitcoin's disastrous year in 2018, the general consensus is that things are probably going to get worse for the world's largest cryptocurrency before they get better. The question now for investors is, how much worse? Jeff Schumacher, founder of BCG Digital Ventures and a leading investor in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space,
Uber CEO Says Some Furloughed U.S. Federal Workers Became Drivers to Make Ends Meet
With the U.S. government in the midst of its longest shutdown in history - now 33 days as of this writing - more than 800,000 federal workers have been furloughed and gone without pay for over a month. It's not surprising then that Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told CNBC in an interview from the World Economic Forum in Davos that