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Report: Asian Fintech Funding Stagnates Despite Record-Breaking Global Deal Volume
While global fintech M&A continues to shatter records, Asian fintech funding remains dull, according to a report by Hampleton Partners. Fundraising in fintech continues its record-breaking course. With 818 fundraises so far in 2019, the anticipated annualised figure of 1,636 would set a new annual record, narrowly beating those figures recorded in 2017 (1,632) and in 2016 (1,633). Furthermore, excluding
Trading Bandwidth For Crypto: NOIA Brings New Tech, Cisco Partnership To Programmable Internet Space
Domas Povilauskas, co-founder and CEO at the blockchain and AI internet infrastructure company NOIA Network Limited, told Benzinga his firm aims to shape the future of the internet. About NOIA The company's genesis was with an experienced team of network engineers who leveraged new technologies to improve existing networking infrastructures, Povilauskas told Benzinga. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: iStock
Top 100 Global Fintech Startups Have Exploitable Security Vulnerability
Web security company, ImmuniWeb, has conducted research into the state of application security at the most prominent and well-funded global fintech startups, as identified by CB Insights, and found that 98 of the top 100 are vulnerable to phishing, web and mobile application security attacks. Key Findings: Security ImmuniWeb conducted various non-intrusive security, privacy and compliance checks to identify potential security
Binance Unveils ‘Venus,’ a Stablecoin Rival to Libra
Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, recently revealed that it’ll be launching “Venus,” a cryptocurrency it calls an “independent and autonomous, regional version of Libra.” Here’s The Block: Binance said it is going to launch Venus cryptocurrency because it has a presence in several countries, has its native blockchain Binance Chain in place, as well as it hopes to break
5 Richest Bitcoin Owners Helping Shape Bitcoin And Its Future
Like any form of investment, patience and strategy is the key to success, especially with the highly volatile nature of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. However, for those that have steadfast with their decisions, some have seen their efforts and investments increase over the years. Here are some of today’s most successful early adopters and proponents of the cryptocurrency space including Tom
'Doing The Impossible': FREĠNAN Leverages AI, Small Data To Produce Trading Insights
FinTech, AI
FREĠNAN, an artificial intelligence-driven investment research tool, leverages small data to create industry-leading financial models and risk assessments, CEO Vince Julier told Benzinga in an interview. About The CEO Julier, a director and founder at FREĠNAN, worked in commercial management, group planning, and finance at BP plc BP 0.03% for more than 20 years. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: Public Domain
Hugh Madden on the Real Threat From Facebook's Libra
Hot on the heels of a massive privacy scandal, Facebook announced Libra, and naturally, it sent regulators and media people in a tizzy. But were the potential privacy and money laundering issues they raved about the real threat? BC Group CEO Hugh Madden says no. Speaking to a packed crowd at Block O2O: The First Global Crypto – Libra, Madden
Uber Opens A New Fintech Office In New York City
During a recent recruitment event, Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE:UBER) announced plans to accelerate the growth of its sideline business in financial products by opening a new fintech office in New York City. Fintech expert Monica Eaton-Cardone says that Uber’s primary goals are to encourage customer loyalty within its rideshare and food delivery businesses and help independent contractors manage earnings. freestocks-photos /
Commerzbank Tests Blockchain-Based Payments For Machine-To-Machine Transactions
Major German bank Commerzbank announced that it has developed a blockchain-based payment solution that specifically automates machine-to-machine (M2M) payment processes. This pilot project is in collaboration with Daimler Trucks, with this M2M payment part of the test for the direct handling of charging operations of electrically powered trucks. The automated payment pilot involves the transaction process between an electric truck
New Zealand Legalizes Salary Payments In Crypto
It was announced yesterday that New Zealand has become the first country ever to legalize salary payments in cryptocurrency. geralt / Pixabay This ruling was signed on June 27 by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) agency’s Director of Public Rulings, Susan Price. It will be put into effect for three years from September 1, 2019. The ruling states that the