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Say Hello to Honu, the Uber-Rare CryptoKitty That’ll Help Save Our Oceans
The world’s most dominant blockchain game may be known more for its cute and quirky digital felines, but as Forbes points out, the CryptoKitties team is actually “heavily focused” on the blockchain for global good movement, too. As such, the game maker recently partnered with ACTAI Global and Ocean Elders to create Honu, a half-turtle and half-kitten CryptoKitty, which they
Sergey Brin Admits Google Missed the Boat to Be an Early Adopter of Blockchain Technology
Alth0ugh Google has transformed our lives so thoroughly through its technological innovations that its company name is now a verb roughly translated to mean search, the Mountain View, Calif. company has been a lot less transformative when it comes to some of the most recent waves in innovation, especially blockchain technology. Google's slow-footed move into blockchain is not lost on
Robinhood Co-CEO Says Sovereign Nations Will One Day Make Cryptocurrencies Their Default Currencies
Despite its sustained slump, the cryptocurrency market just received a huge vote of confidence from one of the biggest venture capital firms in Silicon Valley when Andreessen Horowitz launched its highly anticipated crypto fund last week. The digital coin space had actually received another much-needed boost from one of the 25 richest unicorns in the world: Robinhood co-CEO Baiju Bhatt
Survey Says: Some People Would Rather Date Felons Than Crypto Investors
Are you single and searching for your soul mate? Do you have all your savings in cryptocurrencies? Well tough luck broseph because according to a recent survey, some people would rather date Tyrone Biggums than you! Take it away, CreditCoin: Surprisingly, the majority of respondents would choose to date someone who is divorced with a child over someone who has
Bloomberg Compares Bitcoin's Plunge to Pets.Com
If you are company attempting to reinvent your brand, you probably don't want to hear the business press compare your rebranding to New Coke, the infamous, failed experiment undertaken by the Coca-Cola Company to tweak the formula of the most popular soft drink in the world. Similarly, if you are seen as being at the forefront of a new innovation
7 Things Occupying Elon Musk's Time Other Than Model 3s
Elon Musk is sleeping at the office and erecting tent facilities to nurture his Model 3 baby. He’s so protective of the project he’s begun to birth theories about sabotage and attack “boneheaded” skeptics. Musk’s so convinced of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA)’s auto prospects that he’s increasingly upped his bet on its success. Yet the mass-produced electric car is just one of many projects Musk has
Video: How vPhrase Uses AI to Revolutionize the Way We Understand Data
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vPhrase is an AI company operating out of Mumbai which aims to transform the way insights are communicated from data. How? By eschewing abstruse graphs, charts, and numbers and replacing them with – literally – plain, easy to understand, bullet-pointed English. NexChange’s Andrew Work recently caught up with vPhrase CEO and founder Neerav Parekh and the latter was kind of
Andreessen Horowitz Launches Crypto Fund; Names First Female Partner
After months of rumors, Andreessen Horowitz finally announced the launch of A16z crypto, a $300M venture fund that the venture capital giant will use to invest in crypto companies and protocols. Chris Dixon, a general partner for A16z who has been at the forefront of Andreessen Horowitz's efforts in the cryptocurrency, said in a statement announcing the launch that the
Video: What Separates cashDirector From Your Typical Humdrum Virtual CFO
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The Supercharger Demo Day featured a lot of companies fresh off their most recent round of acceleration and one of those firms was Poland-based virtual CFO provider, cashDirector. The company has been making waves recently so NexChange’s Andrew Work interviewed cashDirector co-founder Patrycja Strzelecka to find out makes it so special. Have a gander:
Video: What Sets Fundpark Apart From the Other Fintech Companies
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The Supercharger Demo Day played host to a lot of interesting companies, and one of them was online trade finance platform provider, FundPark. FundPark’s main businesses is bringing SMEs and investors together, and its services have been getting a lot of praise from clients. NexChange’s Andrew recently spoke with FundPark co-founder and CEO Anson Suen to find out what sets