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How Charles Schwab fought back against the robo-adviser startup invasion
The financial behemoth built its Schwab Intelligent Portfolios fast. And it's been a hit with investors. Once upon a time, a scrappy San Francisco startup shook up the staid business of investing by rethinking its business model, embracing new technology, and generally defying the rules established by the industry's giants. The era? The 1970s. And the startup in question was
Hong Kong is the Asian underdog of the fintech world
Hong Kong can't keep up with expectations. The Asian city with close ties to the west gives people the illusion of hills of available cash ready to pour into startups, but that's not exactly the case, says Gordon Yen, managing director of Hong Kong-based Radiant Venture Capital, at NexChange's Fintech O2O event Thursday. The trillions of dollars under management in Hong Kong
Ryan Bertrand co-founds fintech brokerage firm
Football and technology have never had an easy relationship; but according to FinBuzz, Ryan Bertrand former Chelsea player is trying to buck this trend. Whilst simultaneously putting in a sterling performance to secure a place in the 2016 England squad in the Euro’s, the Southampton left-back has co-founded an innovative yet scarcely known fintech venture. Silicon Markets operates out of
At Benzinga Fintech Awards you’ll see that this is just the beginning of the revolution
Is the love affair with fintech coming to an end? Last week, Lending Club shares got slammed after the CEO was forced out for selling loans with inaccurate disclosures. The fintech hottie lost half its value. Other peer-to-peer lenders took it on the chin as well. Meanwhile, investors have been talking about a bubble in startup prices in general. The IPO market
Lending Club subpoenaed: stock dives and analysts weigh in
Things have gone from bad to worse for Lending Club, but at least the company is admitting it. The company filed an update to its first quarter results with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week, and in that filing, it states that it has received a subpoena from the Department of Justice. Lending Club also reports that it
Video: Forte- secure transactions for digital payments
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  Forte Payments' "bread and butter" is offering secure transactions for ACH and E-check systems, says Craig Raney, strategic partner sales at the company. Often than means working with antiquated and under-served areas such as the government, he says.
Video: Magnet Systems- engaging customers through chat
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The next wave of startups, from fintech to media, are looking at messaging services to make customers happy. "Chat offers a unique way to do mobile engagement," says Shannph Wong, vp of engineering at Magnet Systems, at FinDevr. Magnet connects financial firms to customers through a two-way messaging system.
Singapore to link with London via a “fintech bridge”
The U.K. and Singapore regulators are joining forces to form a so-called “fintech bridge” in a bid to both bolster Singapore’s fintech credentials and strengthen U.K. links to Asia. In a joint statement with the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and HM Treasury, the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) said the tie-up between regulators – claimed to be the first
Video: Nexmo- cloud communication for finance firms
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Cloud communication platform Nexmo is working to unite fractured messages systems globally, allowing fintech companies to authenticate users and transactions, explains Srivatsan Srinivasan, product leader at the company, during the New York FinDevr event.
Video: Fintech companies take on big banks’ identities as tech firms
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Big banks, including JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, are pushing to identify themselves as technology companies. But the fintech firms presenting at FinDevr in New York City have a few thoughts about the roles these companies play in the tech space.