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Video: How vPhrase Uses AI to Revolutionize the Way We Understand Data
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vPhrase is an AI company operating out of Mumbai which aims to transform the way insights are communicated from data. How? By eschewing abstruse graphs, charts, and numbers and replacing them with – literally – plain, easy to understand, bullet-pointed English. NexChange’s Andrew Work recently caught up with vPhrase CEO and founder Neerav Parekh and the latter was kind of
Video: What Separates cashDirector From Your Typical Humdrum Virtual CFO
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The Supercharger Demo Day featured a lot of companies fresh off their most recent round of acceleration and one of those firms was Poland-based virtual CFO provider, cashDirector. The company has been making waves recently so NexChange’s Andrew Work interviewed cashDirector co-founder Patrycja Strzelecka to find out makes it so special. Have a gander:
Video: What Sets Fundpark Apart From the Other Fintech Companies
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The Supercharger Demo Day played host to a lot of interesting companies, and one of them was online trade finance platform provider, FundPark. FundPark’s main businesses is bringing SMEs and investors together, and its services have been getting a lot of praise from clients. NexChange’s Andrew recently spoke with FundPark co-founder and CEO Anson Suen to find out what sets
Video: How Mindbridge Applies AI and Machine Learning to Financial Services
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MindBridge is a fast-growing, Ottowa-based artificial intelligence company which provides bleeding edge solutions to auditors and financial services firms. NexChange’s Andrew Work recently chatted with MindBridge’s APAC Managing Director Peter Fong to find out what makes the company so special and here is what he learned:
Video: Why Exate Isn’t like Your Run-Of-The-Mill Cybersecurity Company
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Among the companies present at the Supercharger Demo Day was UK-headquartered Exate. Exate is a data privacy firm which develops next-gen technology to protect client data everywhere – from within and outside the company, through the cloud, even across borders. NexChange’s Andrew Work spoke to Exate co-founder and CEO Peter Lancos to find out more about the company and here’s
Video: How Korea-based AIZEN Is Disrupting the Finance Industry
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AIZEN is a South Korea-based fintech firm which provides AI-fueled business applications to banking and insurance companies. NexChange’s Andrew Work recently caught up with AIZEN CEO and co-founder Jung Seok Kang at the SuperCharger Demo Day and Kang shared what his firm is currently up to as well as what makes it special compared to the rest. Check it out:
True Global Ventures Unveil the Future of Angel and VC Funds
Always wondered what the angel and venture funds of the future would be like? Well, True Global Ventures founder Dušan Stojanović might have something for you. Speaking at the NexChange Blockchain O2O Blockchain Summit, the prominent VC detailed a decentralized blockchain AI fund he’s working on that not only improves on the current angel and venture fund model, but could
NOIA’s Decentralized Content Delivery Network Aims to Make the Internet More Efficient
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The internet may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but at the moment, it’s having some issues of its own. One of those issues is its broken infrastructure. The internet purportedly can’t keep up with the world’s growing demand for content, and content delivery networks – CDNs – are either too expensive or too inflexible to be a real
The Primechain Platform Makes Borrowing Simple for Consumers While Protecting Their Personal Data
Generally speaking, there are three issues plaguing the global lending industry: (A), borrowing has become quite cumbersome; (B), identity theft has grown too pervasive; and (C), with all the middlemen, lending itself has become too inefficient. Few people know this more than LeadPoint bosses Marc Diana and Per Pettersen. Seeing the problems wrangling the industry, the lending execs created PrimeChain,
dApp Builder Wants to Be the Wordpress of Blockchain
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Blockchain technology may have the potential to change the world, but as the Harvard Business Review points out, many barriers would have to fall for that to happen. Among those barriers is the complexity of building blockchain apps; without any knowledge in coding – especially with Smart Contracts – its pretty much impossible to build one. Well, unless Russia-based dApp