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Seven Ways Fixed-Income Investors Will Benefit from the Digital Revolution
At long last, fixed-income investing is entering the digital age—and investors should pay close attention to what their asset managers are doing to keep up. From better pricing to better solution design, the digital revolution that’s transforming the fixed-income management landscape can lead to a host of benefits. To grasp the performance gap between managers who upgrade their technology and
Brokerage Stocks Crushed as JPMorgan Rolls Out Digital Service With Free Trades
Competition in the mobile trading space is getting even hotter after JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) announced a brand new free digital trading application. CNBC's report of the new app sent shares of online brokerage stocks tumbling on Tuesday. What Happened? JPMorgan said the new trading service called You Invest will launch next week, CNBC's Hugh Son reported, and
Patron of Fintechs: Surveying Goldman Sachs Growing Portfolio of Tech Startups
As reported Tuesday this week, fintech startup Even Financial announced raising $18.8 million in Series A seed funding, a portion of which came from investment bank Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS). Even Financial, whose flagship application program interface (API) collects and curates financial service products and offers for distribution on various bank and brokerage websites and user portals, is the latest