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SuperCharger 2.0 Demo Day Profile: Singapore's Bambu and What Makes It Special
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Always wondered what Singapore-based Bambu does? Well, NexChange’s Andrew Work chats with Ned Philips, Bambu’s founder and CEO, to find out exactly that plus what makes it special compared to the other robo-advisors. Check it out. SUPERCHARGER 2.0 DEMO DAY : Ned Philips, Founder & CEO, Bambu from NexChange on Vimeo.
From The Dot-Com Bubble to Google Fiber: Nicholas Britz Advocates Fintech For the Common Man and Woman
When he was in college, Nicholas Britz planned to build robots. But once the dot-com bubble burst in 1999, he wanted to figure out how companies worked. “I had a moment right there where I wanted to help shape a company, and that kicked me on a different career path,” said Britz, who studied engineering and physics at Stanford University
Singapore to Train Students on Blockchain
Singapore has been really serious about fostering fintech. The Lion City has been inking fintech deals right and left, it’s been rolling back VC restrictions to promote startup financing, it’s been giving fintech grants that have been called “aggressive,” and its way ahead of most countries in testing new technologies, like blockchain. As such, the city-state is now on the
Alibaba's Jack Ma Warns That AI Will Give Us Robot CEOs in the Future
Jack Ma, the billionaire founder and chairman of Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba, has sounded the alarm about the disruptive potential of artificial intelligence, warning that "the world will see much more pain than happiness" over the next few decades, Bloomberg reports. Speaking at a an entrepreneurship conference in Zhengzhou, China, Ma said that education systems will have to evolve in order
Barclays to Open Europe's 'Largest FinTech Accelerator'
While its sissy peers focus on their impending Brexits, Barclays is looking to take its London fintech creds all the way up to eleven. The Memo: Next week banking giant Barclays will cut the ribbon on what it’s calling Europe’s largest co-working space dedicated to financial technology. More than 40 companies will be housed across the vast 30,000 sq ft of
Insurtech, IoT and Blockchain Had a Baby and Called It...Tomorrow
Moving through Burke’s Bullshit Cycle will see hype recede and the real blockchain promise be delivered to real people. Insurance will become embedded into everyday life in ways you can’t imagine. Imagine your car flips on the highway at high speed. Before it lands, onboard sensors have sent motion information to an insurance AI that has assessed the situation, sent
Report: Spurning Higher Salaries, Many MBAs Are Choosing to Work at Fintech Startups Instead
Although the common career path for people who earn an MBA is to take their talents to the world of banking or consulting, a growing number of people leaving business school are being lured away by fintech startups, spurring the promise of a higher salary in order to be at the center of innovation in financial services, the Financial Times
Mike Novogratz Bets Big on Bitcoin and Ether
After a less than perfect exit from the hedge fund industry, Fortress’ former global macro whiz, Michael Novogratz, goes big on digital currencies. CNN Money: "Ten percent of my net worth is in this space," Novogratz said at a forum held at the Harvard Business School Club of New York Wednesday. He declined to say exactly how wealthy he is,
Virtu Makes $1.4 Billion Move in Tepid Fintech M&A Market
Virtu Financial (NASDAQ: VIRT) has agreed to acquire rival high-frequency trading platform KCG (NYSE: KCG) for $1.4 billion in cash. At $20 per share, the deal represents a 12.7% premium to KCG’s closing price Wednesday. The combination will help the companies improve scale and find cost efficiencies in an environment with increasingly tight margins, as more and more investors begin
Report: Snap Paid $7.7M on a Patent as a Defense Against Facebook
Snap, Inc. paid a whopping $7.7 million for a photo filter app patent that essentially protects its main source of revenue from rivals - especially Facebook, TechCrunch reports. So here's some quick background: "Geofilters" are "location-based overlays" that advertisers can buy to promote their brand or event or whatever else they're trying to market. TechCrunch notes that these Geofilters are Snap's