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Robotics and AI Leaving Their Cages and Entering Our Daily Lives
Global leader Mouser Electronics just wrapped up a short, six-video series, “Generation Robot,” hosted by robotics guru and Mythbuster star, Grant Imahara on various innovative robotics and AI creations. 3888952 / Pixabay The crux of the series is captured by Magnus Egerstedt, a Roboticist at Georgia Tech: “We have the opportunity to use robots to enrich the human experience… The robots
Ping An Seeks to Float $8 Billion Fintech Unit in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Blockchain Week is happening March 4-8, 2019. Click here to meet 3,000 plus blockchain industry leaders. Chinese insurance juggernaut Ping An is warming up for a blockbuster IPO in Hong Kong, writes Bloomberg: Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., China’s largest insurer by market value, is gearing up for an initial public offering of its OneConnect unit that could
IBM Blockchain World Wire And Digital Currencies – Expert Comments
IBM announced its plans to further expand its Stellar-based cross border payment system, World Wire. Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot In a recent interview with Fred Schebesta, cofounder at Finder and host of YouTube show The Daily Exchange, at the recent IBM Think 2019 conference, Jesse Lund (VP of Blockchain and Digital Currencies for IBM) talks about the scope of
The 2019-2023 EM Fixed Income Outlook
Summary: EM fixed income should deliver compounded returns ranging from 30% and 60% in Dollar terms over the 2019-2023 investment horizon as markets revert to unwinding the so-called ‘QE trades’ after a temporary US election related interruption in 2018. As for 2019 returns, they may be marginally stronger than the five-year average due to the pullback in 2018. The main
Deep Learning Used To Create Fake Airbnb Listings
Taking a vacation can sometimes be extremely stressful – finding the right, affordable plane tickets, packing up, getting past the airport security hassles, and most importantly, finding a place to stay. In order to escape from the mind-boggling prices and taxes, we are introduced to a website, Airbnb, which lists apartments around the world for rent. Now, a new website
It Takes 2 (Questions) to Make a Thing Go Right
If you've been in the industry long enough, you may have been able to look a client in the eyes and tell them the 3 greatest words an advisor can tell a client. “We did it.” The human element in sharing that news is a win for any advisor and any client hearing it. However, when the human element in
New World Development Announces Hong Kong’s First Blockchain-Based Homebuying Platform
Hong Kong Blockchain Week is happening March 4-8, 2019. Click here to meet 3,000 plus blockchain industry leaders. Real estate giant New World Development (NWD) has announced the creation of Hong Kong’s first blockchain-based property purchase platform, EJ Insights reports. The platform is purportedly capable of slashing up to eight hours of transaction time by combining steps such as document
Elon Musk Quits Organization That Developed AI Text Generator
Elon Musk, the visionary inventor and businessman behind Tesla and SpaceX, has always kept his plate full of work and big ideas, but it seems even he has found his limit. In addition to Tesla and SpaceX,  he also backed OpenAI, a nonprofit organization which develops open-source AI algorithms. However, Musk tweeted last weekend that he has left the organization,
Channeling Warren Buffett
The most popular missives we write are associated with Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders and the annual shareholder meeting in Omaha. This year we thought it would be fun to channel Mr. Buffett and attempt to write his letter for him. In effect, our goal is to predict what matters to him as a portfolio manager of private and
Bitcoin And Ethereum Prices Follow Litecoin’s Sudden Surge
The Litecoin price, Bitcoin price and Ethereum price all surged dramatically on Friday, adding billions of dollars in value to the cryptocurrency‘s market capitalization. Litecoin led the way with a dramatic 30% early in the day, and then bitcoin followed close behind with an 11% gain. Designerkottayam / Pixabay Litecoin price boosted by Mimblewimble news Litecoin leapt into fourth place