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Hong Kong Awards Four More Virtual Banking Licenses
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) issued four more virtual banking licenses on Thursday, bringing the former colony’s number of virtual banks to eight. The firms awarded with the licenses were Ant SME Services, Infinium Limited, Insight Fintech HK, and Ping An OneConnect. Ant SME Services is a unit of fintech giant Ant Financial, while Infinium is a venture involving
Top 10 Most Innovative AI Companies Of 2019 In The World
geralt / Pixabay Companies large and small are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in their products and services to offer a better customer experience. They are using AI to disrupt sectors like finance, healthcare, communication, transportation, semiconductors, and others. Here we take a look at the top 10 most innovative AI companies in 2019, according to Fast Company.
Tech Pioneer Levandowski Talks State Of Autonomous Trucking At Transparency 2019
Smart Cities
After a brief hiatus, technology pioneer Anthony Levandowski has reappeared on the autonomous vehicle scene, but has dialed back his initial vision for driverless trucks in favor of a new safety system designed to assist drivers behind the wheel. Levandowski sat down with John Kingston, editor-at-large of FreightWaves, on May 6, to talk about the future of autonomous vehicle technology.
Stop Worrying about Your Portfolio
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Investors have a tendency to focus on the characteristics of their portfolios almost to the exclusion of other factors that will lead to success or failure for the larger objective that the portfolio is intended to serve. By taking into account the characteristics of the assets and liabilities that exist outside of their investment portfolios, they could build
Grab Mulls Spin-Off of Finance and Payments Units
Singapore-based ride-hailing giant, Grab, is contemplating spinning off its payments and financial services units, the Financial Times reports: South-east Asia’s biggest start-up, which is valued at around $13bn and backed by Japan’s SoftBank, may raise capital for the two business units separately with a view to spinning off one or both of them at a later date, the executives and
Hackers Steal Over $40m Worth of Bitcoin From Binance
Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has been hit with “a large scale security breach” in which hackers stole over $40 million worth of bitcoin, the company said in a statement. The hackers reportedly absconded with 7,000 units of bitcoin, along with user information such as API keys, two-factor codes, and “potentially other info.” The exchanged managed to
BTC Market Cap Surpassing $100 Billion And Nearing $6,000
As BTC’s market cap has broken the $100 billion mark for the first time in almost 6 months and the price is nearing $6,000, I wanted to share some expert commentary in response to the recent upswing. vjkombajn / Pixabay Vaibhav Kadikar, Founder & CEO, CloseCross, a decentralised prediction market platform, said, “It’s going to be a hot summer. BTC
Explaining Inflation Inertia
Despite central bankers' concerted efforts, credible price-stability targets have proved elusive in countries like Argentina, where inflation is soaring, and Japan, which can't shake the specter of deflation. What can governments do to influence inflation expectations when central banks’ policies prove insufficient to the task? CAMBRIDGE – The stubbornness of inflation continues to challenge and mystify central bankers worldwide. Whether
Domino's To Expedite Pizza Delivery In Malaysia And Singapore Using Decentralized AI Service
Domino's Pizza Inc. DPZ 1.58% operations in Malaysia and Singapore have partnered with SingularityNET, a platform for artificial intelligence (AI) services, to use decentralized AI to improve its last-mile delivery process. Though retail businesses working within the food niche like Walmart Inc WMT 1.1% or Carrefour have shown interest in decentralized solutions (blockchain is a decentralized ledger), this appears to be the first
NexChange Interview Series: Gordon Einstein, Crypto Law Partners
This week on the NexChange Interview Series, Olga Yaroshevsky chats with Gordon Einstein, Founding Partner at Crypto Law Partners, about his new book, Reg A+ for Crypto; securities law; Marc Andreessen and the evolution of software; and more. Have a gander: