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NexChange Interview Series: Real-World Blockchain Applications With Blockchain Founders Fund’s Aly Madhavji
How many seconds does it take for Walmart to track their produce within a blockchain-based supply chain? Which Ethereum application is the UN World Food Programme using when working with refugees? NexChange’s Olga Yaroshevsky spoke to Blockchain Founders Fund’s Aly Madhavji to find out about these – and more – real-world applications of blockchain.
Equity Investing When Turbocharged Growth Is Gone
If we’re in a low-growth environment, but also with low interest rates, we really have to look at our companies and try and identify those businesses we think can grow faster than the market. And if we pay a reasonable price for those businesses, we should get a better return than the market. So, I think investors need to think
Robinhood Launches New Premium Trading Features
Robinhood on Wednesday announced the rollout of several new features to its premium Robinhood Gold offering, including Level 2 market data and research from the Morningstar analyst team. What To Know For a price of $5 per month, eligible Robinhood Gold members now get access to margin investing, larger instant deposits, and $1,000 of interest-free deposits. In addition, Robinhood Gold
China Says No to Bitcoin Mining Operations Shocking Crypto World
China has recently announced that it plans to outlaw the mining of cryptocurrencies in its country. This announcement comes via a draft that was recently released on Monday disclosing the nation’s position on the cryptocurrency sector. This Bitcoin mining operations news comes as somewhat of a shock to the cryptocurrency market since upwards of half of all mining takes place
How Western Economies Can Avoid the Japan Trap
With the return of Europe's economic doldrums and signs of a coming growth slowdown in the United States, advanced economies could be at risk of falling into the same kind of long-term rut that has captured Japan. To avoid that outcome, policymakers must recognize and address the deeper structural forces at work. NEW YORK – Not too long ago, the
Ripple to Expand Asian Operations, Double Its Headcount in Singapore
Ripple, the American blockchain heavy, is reportedly looking to make waves in Asia. According to the Business Times (paywall), Ripple is set to expand its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore. It plans to double its staff from 12 to 24 over the year, adding business development and partnership roles, and to broaden its range of operations beyond customer services. “The demand
Nautilus Labs Aims to Boost Fleet Efficiency as Imo 2020 Fuel Costs Loom Over Ocean Freight
Deck officers on ships are trained in a number of skills, such as firefighting, emergency medicine, survival at sea and celestial navigation. Include in that meter reading. Every day, they help compile what's called a "noon report," the once-a-day report of a ship's speed, position, fuel use and other data that is sent back to landside operations in order to
The Framing Effect And Bitcoin
  With the recent rally of the crypto market, perspective buyers are seemingly coming out of the woodwork. BTC reached $5000 early Tuesday morning, a price that the market hadn’t seen since November of last year when a BTC hard fork caused the market to tumble from $6000 down to a yearly low of just around $3200. vjkombajn / Pixabay
Barbarians at the Gate? Chinese Banks Ramp up Fintech Spending Amid Growing Competition From Internet Firms
It looks like the Chinese fintech arms race is starting to get interesting. According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese commercial banks have ramped up their fintech investments as the likes of Tencent and slowly “chip away at their businesses.” China Construction Bank reportedly increased fintech development to 2.2% of operating income in 2018 – a 22% climb
Japan Is Getting Serious About Cryptocurrency
After a disastrous 2018, the cryptocurrency market is bouncing back in 2019. Japan is one of the global hubs for cryptocurrency trading, and the Asian nation has been making plenty of cryptocurrency headlines in recent weeks. Two New Players YAHOO JAPAN COR/ADR YAHOY is set to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange, Taotao, starting in May. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: Melv_L