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SuperCharger 2.0 Demo Day Profile: Singapore's Bambu and What Makes It Special
FinTech, Video
Always wondered what Singapore-based Bambu does? Well, NexChange’s Andrew Work chats with Ned Philips, Bambu’s founder and CEO, to find out exactly that plus what makes it special compared to the other robo-advisors. Check it out. SUPERCHARGER 2.0 DEMO DAY : Ned Philips, Founder & CEO, Bambu from NexChange on Vimeo.
Do Tax Cuts Make Businesses Better?
Capital Markets
Proposed US tax cuts—if they happen—would be a nice boon for corporate bottom lines. But for most companies, the boost to underlying earnings power would likely be fleeting. To find tax-reform winners, look for the exceptions. The stocks of potential tax-reform beneficiaries have surged since the election of Donald Trump last November. The reasoning is that lower tax rates will
What the Current US Venture Industry Looks Like in 24 Charts
Venture Capital
The US venture market was a bit unsettled heading into 2017. Dealmaking last year was a bit frosty compared to 2014 and 2015, when capital seemed easy to come by. To be fair, there were many unknowns: Would the new president’s policies have a major impact on investment? How would the public markets embrace unicorns and other highly valued startups?
Wealth Managers Salivate over 'Succession Tsunami'
Wealth Management
A generational shift among wealthy families in Asia is expected to offer rich opportunities for wealth managers. The transition is hoped to be especially lucrative because much of the wealth will pass from self-made businesspeople to their children, who tend to be more comfortable with financial products than their parents. “Get ready for the new rulers of family office land,”
From The Dot-Com Bubble to Google Fiber: Nicholas Britz Advocates Fintech For the Common Man and Woman
When he was in college, Nicholas Britz planned to build robots. But once the dot-com bubble burst in 1999, he wanted to figure out how companies worked. “I had a moment right there where I wanted to help shape a company, and that kicked me on a different career path,” said Britz, who studied engineering and physics at Stanford University
Would Your Company Pass This Stringent Good Workplace Audit?
Many companies claim to be good places to work. The reality to those inside the shop, however, might feel very different. In the process of churning out cool products or some memorable service, something (okay, sometimes it’s many things) gets neglected. Maybe people are being paid differently to do the same job or dealing with ornery upper managers. Trace the
Here's What Everyone is Saying About Trump's Tax Plan
Capital Markets
President Trump's 100th day in office is on Saturday - and while he cares/doesn't care how people grade his first few months in office - he's making a big push to put his stamp on some of the bold initiatives he talked about on the campaign trail just in case anyone's keeping score. With that in mind, his administration unveiled
Singapore to Train Students on Blockchain
Singapore has been really serious about fostering fintech. The Lion City has been inking fintech deals right and left, it’s been rolling back VC restrictions to promote startup financing, it’s been giving fintech grants that have been called “aggressive,” and its way ahead of most countries in testing new technologies, like blockchain. As such, the city-state is now on the
Inflows Raise Confidence at Asian Hedge Funds
Hedge Funds
After declining for three years, assets under management at hedge funds focused on the Asia-Pacific ex Japan region are on the rise. Investors withdrew a net $3.4 billion from these funds last year, according to data from consultancy Eurekahedge. But net inflows have been positive so far this year, according to the consultancy's estimates. So far in 2017, assets at
Fund Managers’ Current Asset Allocations
Summary: A tailwind for the rally since February 2016 has been the bearish positioning of investors, with fund managers persistently shunning equities in exchange for holding cash. Fund managers have become more bullish, but not excessively so. Profit expectations are near a 7-year high and global economic growth expectations are near a 2-year high. However, cash balances at funds remains