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Exploring Routes to China After MSCI A-Shares Move
MSCI has announced that China A-shares will be included in its emerging-market (EM) index next year, as we anticipated. Now, global equity investors need to consider how to access the vast universe of stocks traded onshore in China. The decision on Tuesday by index provider MSCI was a watershed for equity investors around the world. China A-shares are the world’s
The 8 Most Active VC Investors in Colorado
Denver-based CirrusMD, the provider of a text message-based telemedicine platform, has closed a $7 million Series A led by Colorado Impact Fund. The startup is in good company—since the beginning of 2015, 348 VC investors have participated in at least one deal in the state, for a total of more than $1.8 billion invested in Colorado-based companies, per the PitchBook
An IMF Bridge to Somewhere for Greece?
ZURICH – The International Monetary Fund has resurrected an old technique – commonly used in the 1980s during the Latin American debt crisis – that would allow Greece to avoid a payment default next month on debt owed to European creditors. The reprieve also gives the IMF and its European partners time to sort out their technical differences on the
Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Generate Huge Returns as Bitcoin Surges
Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds are a real thing and doing well but watch out as correlation is high to the bitcoin price index and the newly created Crypto-currency fund index No matter how exotic the asset, if there are profits to be made you can be sure Wall Street will find some way of getting in on the action. That’s exactly
Could Barack Obama Be the New CEO of Uber?
Obama to lead Uber? It is a realistic possibility according to Trip Chowdhry, the managing director of Global Equities Research. “Developers believe that US Ex-President Barack Obama may become the new CEO of Uber. Ex-President Obama would be an exceptional, out-of-the-box and a perfect CEO for Uber,” Chowdhry noted. Since leaving office, Obama has been spotted golfing in Palm Springs,
Numerous Women Have Accused VC Justin Caldbeck of Sexual Harassment, Leading to Indefinite Leave
Justin Caldbeck, co-founder and managing partner of venture capital firm Binary Capital, is accused of sexual harassment and making unwanted advancements by a half-dozen female executives in Silicon Valley, The Information reports (via TechCrunch). While Caldbeck initially rebuffed the accusations on Friday, saying that he "strongly" denied the allegations, he later announced that he was taking an indefinite leave of absence from  Binary.
Scrappy Startup Founder George Clooney Sells His Tequila Company For $1B
If you are a young person who is toiling away at a startup (that no doubt has a genius idea!), working long hours for low pay and zero benefits, dreaming one day of hitting the jackpot and selling your small company for a boatload of money that you can blow on expensive things, then you should probably stop reading here.
Uber Employees Sign Petition Asking Board for Kalanick’s Return
An internal petition asking for the return of resigned CEO Travis Kalanick is circulating through the Uber employee network, reports Recode. Over 1,000 employees have signed the anonymous petition, according to Axios, which prompted a letter to be sent to the board that now runs the company in Kalanick’s place. He resigned after a sexual harassment scandal, the death of
Video: NexChange Talks Smart Diet Tracking With Bonnect's Julianna Ko
Andrew Work speaks to Julianna Ko, CEO and Co-Founder of Bonnect, who was a guest speaker at the MEMSI Showcase 2017 which is a two-week long, fully immersive bootcamp for aspiring hardware system innovators from universities in Hong Kong and from MIT designed to build up skills in entrepreneurship, hardware making and product development for connected devices with an Internet
Bank of China Launches Fintech Lab Together With Tencent
One of China’s largest state-backed lenders has apparently joined the fintech game. Citing a statement, Finews reports that the Bank of China has teamed up with the Chinese internet juggernaut Tencent and have launched a financial technology lab. The lab reportedly works on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain innovations, and has apparently made strides in some of