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5 must-have apps for market technicians

By Benzinga


Trading the stock market can be extremely challenging and frustrating at times. However, there’s no question that there is a nearly unlimited financial opportunity on a daily basis for traders who consistently make the right calls at the right time.

To come out on top, traders need the resources and wherewithal to compete with the best minds (and algorithms) in the trading business. Here are five hot apps every market technician needs to beat the Street.

1. Twitter

Yes, Twitter is the place that your 13-year-old niece posts her insightful thoughts about “The Bachelor.” However, Twitter is also the way that modern traders can access the Wall Street rumor mill the way that traders in past eras could only dream of. If something is (or might be) going down on Wall Street, you can bet it will be on Twitter first.

2. StockCharts

StockCharts is great because it allows technicians to create their own customized charts and annotate them for free. In addition, StockCharts has a technical analysis screener and educational materials about most of its metrics.

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Photo: Jim Makos

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