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AI could replace half of Japanese workers in 10 years, says study

By Nexchange

The tasks of half of Japan’s workers could be performed by artificial intelligence or robots in 10 to 20 years, according to researchers at Britain’s University of Oxford and a Japanese think tank .

The Oxford Martin Program on Technology and Employment, and the Nomura Research Institute looked at the potential impact of computerization on more than 600 types of jobs in Japan that employ 42.8 million people, reports the South China Morning Post. (paywall)

They calculated the number of jobs for which more than 66% of the tasks could be done by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or robots. And they found 49% of workers in Japan could be replaced by computers.

Similar studies have shown the ratio to be 47% in the United States and 35% in Britain.

The types of occupations susceptible are basically low-skilled. They include:

administrative workers, taxi drivers, cashiers, security guards, building cleaners and hotel housekeeping staff.

Professions unlikely to be made redundant include: doctors, school teachers, jobs requiring communications with people such as tour guides and beauticians — and (fancy that) academic researchers .

Photo: Clint Budd

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