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WhatsApp connects Indonesia

By NexChange

mobilephone Technology leapfrogging in emerging countries is hardly a new concept. The use of mobile phones is perhaps the best example, obviating the construction of expensive infrastructure or bricks-and-mortar outlets. WhatsApp has spotted the enormous potential of Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago of more than 250 million people with rising personal incomes. As the Financial Times (paywall) reports:
[The] chat app is used by anyone from businessmen arranging meetings to girls sharing images of their latest batik blouse, and its calling function is as central to daily life as free messaging. At the recent Tech in Asia summit in Jakarta, Thomas Lembong, a senior cabinet member, declared that he runs the government’s trade ministry through WhatsApp. And it is the same story with many chief executives in the country. There are particular advantages to using the service in emerging market cities such as Jakarta, where many offices and cafés offer free WiFi. That means bypassing not only mobile operator tariffs but also any problems with poor signal.
Photo: Charles Wiriawan

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