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Would you take your paycheck in bitcoin?

By NexChange


The idea of getting paid in a cryptocurrency as volatile as Bitcoin would probably put most people off, but the idea is gaining traction. We already have services like Bitwage – a Bitcoin-based payroll platform for international payments – now Europe is getting in on the act.

The Coin Telegraph reports that Bitcoin service Cashila has just released it's own Euro-to-Bitcoin payroll system that allows European employees to request their wage in bitcoin through simple bank payment, regardless of whether the employer runs a Bitcoin scheme or not. 

For a platform like Cashila, the hope is that the payroll system will fuel wider adoption of Bitcoin and therefore add value to the broader ecosystem of bitcoin services, including their own flagship product. Assuming of course that a sufficient number of employees are bold enough to quite literally stake their livelihood on a cryptocurrency.

Photo: BTC Keychain

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