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Fintech funding surge: $1.3 billion in a week

By NexChange

Fintech startups are seeing a surge in funding. According to Finovate, The past week  has seen 19 start-ups raised $1.3 billion - and that's not including the $1 billion SoFi round led by Softbank, which despite wide coverage this week, actually closed a few weeks earlier.

Here is Finovate's run down of funding for the past week:

Paytm, e-commerce and payments, India - $675 million
Avant, consumer lending , U.S. - $325 million
Kreditech, consumer lending, Germany - $92 million
Elevate, consumer lending, U.S., - $70 million
PushPay, mobile payments, New Zealand - $18.7 million
Ellevest, investment platform, U.S. - $10 million
Credible, student lender, U.S. - $10 million
Zameen, real estate hub, Pakistan - $9 million
Cloud Lending Solutions, enterprise lending platform, U.S. - $8 million
Qualpay, payments, U.S. -  $8 million
QuanTemplate, reinsurance platform, Gibraltar - $7.6 million
MMKT Exchange, loan syndication platform, U.S. - $5.9 million
InForcePRO, insurance analytics, U.S. - $4 million
MX (MoneyDesktop), loan syndication platform, U.S. - $4 million
AboutLife, retirement planning, U.S. - $3 million
Orb (Coinpass), payments, Japan - $2.3 million
Safe Cash Payment Technologies, paynents, U.S. - $1.2 million
BloOom, wealth management, U.S. - $50,000
Adyen, payments, Netherlands - N.D

Photo: Ed Ivanushkin

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