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What we’re reading: Stanley Druckenmiller, China’s currency reserves, and Lucille Bluth

By NexChange
Capital Markets

From Mark Dow’s thoughts on the Fed rate decision to a speech from the former right hand of Soros, here are some are some great reads for you this weekend:

Stanley Druckenmiller at the Lost Tree Club. Stanley Druckenmiller’s the man, and here’s an older speech from him detailing his early years, his mistakes, his triumphs, and his thoughts on ZIRP circa January 2015. Sam Reeves’ epic burning of Bill Gross in the intro alone is well worth your time. Check it out. Cove Street Capital (pdf)

The Fed, international weakness, and the impotence of monetary policy. Here’s a short, sweet, and excellent take on Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s recent presser. Will ZIRP remain this year or will the Fed take a leap of faith? It’s hard to tell, that’s for sure. Behavioral Macro

Is China running out of reserves and does it matter? With Beijing defending the yuan with the fury of a thousand Vikings, everyone seems to have an eye on the nation's currency reserves, questioning what its erosion could mean for the country. Here’s an interesting take on it. PIIE

This is nuts, when’s the crash? FT Alphaville had this intriguing piece on VC’s, Unicorns, and the “sharing economy,” littered with graphs on how awesome the whole thing really is. Or not. FT Alphaville

Who said it: Donald Trump or Lucille Bluth? With Trumpalooza raging on, BuzzFeed decided to play around with the Donald’s gaffes and compare them with those of that delightful juggernaut of political incorrectness – Lucille Bluth. BuzzFeed
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