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Buffett is voting Hillary, but 'admires' Bernie

By NexChange
Lifestyle, 4:01

Bernie Sanders may be reaching out to the middle and lower classes, but he has at least one fan in the 1%.

Billionaire Warren Buffet told CNBC that he admires the Sanders campaign, reports Business Insider. "I think Bernie Sanders has been a terrific campaigner. He campaigns exactly as I would campaign if I were a candidate," Buffett says.

Buffett has openly supported higher taxation for the rich, but Sanders' tax-reform proposals would increase even beyond what Buffett has suggested. Buffett says he respects Sanders' refusal to attack opponent Hillary Clinton, as well as his advocacy for regulations on political spending by businesses and unions.

Alas, Buffett is still backing Clinton. He says Clinton has been too glib about her email controversy, but he supports her policies.

Sorry, Bernie. "He's not going to get elected," says Buffett, "but I admire him."
Photo: Marc Nozell 

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