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Bernie Sanders pulls ahead of Hillary Clinton by 9 points in New Hampshire race, says new poll

By NexChange
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Here's a shocker for Labor Day Weekend,  Bernie Sanders is pulling ahead of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic race for the presidential nomination.

It's all of a piece in this very topsy-turvy race in which fringe candidates are muscling in on the party-blessed candidates.

According to the NBC/Marist poll, the Vermont senator would win 41% of votes in a New Hampshire race. Clinton garners 32% and Vice President Joe Biden would get 16% -- and he's not even running. Yet.

In July, Clinton commanded a 10-point lead, according to the poll.

In first-up Iowa, Clinton's lead has more than halved from 24 points to 11 points. In the caucuses, the former Secretary of State would win 38% of votes vs 27 points for Sanders. Biden claims 20%.

And, in keeping with the theme of we-don't-care-what-the party-bosses want, Donald Trump is ahead in Iowa by 7 points and 16 points in New Hampshire. The Republican field is much more crowded than the Democratic. Seventeen candidates are vying to become the GOP nominee. Ben Carson is nipping at Trump's heels and the presumptive party choice, Jeb Bush, is trailing badly at 6%.
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