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How UBS’s Suki Mann went from top banking strategist to blogger

By Finbuzz
Lifestyle, 4:01

Last February Suki Mann was the ‘star credit strategist’ at UBS, and now, instead of sending notes to clients, he blogs his financial musings to the entire cyber-world, reports Finbuzz.

The blog so far includes three posts that read like very colorful and well-written research notes and a ticker that flashes global indexes and has up to date FOREX trading quotes.

Mann’s LinkedIn profile states that he left his position at UBS Investment Bank in February of 2015, just after six months. UBS has not commented on Mr. Mann’s departure or whether he was fired, laid off, or left on his own accord. Before that, he had worked as the Head of European Credit Strategy for Societe Generale for nearly 14 years.

So far Mann’s Twitter handle only has 20 followers, but given his robust experience and insights into European debt markets, that number is likely to take off once the City gets wind of his blog. His inaugural tweet was sent into the Twittersphere on August 26, 2015.

Several ex-analysts have made careers out of journalism. Joe Weisenthal, now the host of his own TV show at Bloomberg, followed a similar path. After working as an analyst for the money management firm Prentiss Smith & Co., he left finance as Wall Street was crashing into recession and joined Business Insider, just financial news was abundant and in demand.


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