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What Wall Street can learn from Tom Brady

By NexChange
Lifestyle, 4:01

New England Patriots' golden boy, Tom Brady, is back for NFL's opening week after a Federal judge overturned Brady's four-game suspension for his role in "deflate-gate." Allegedly deflating footballs isn't exactly like allegedly messing with the markets, but Brady's victory in court can teach Wall Streeters a few things about how to survive an investigation.

Destroy your cell phone every few months. No one will question it if you break your old phone every time you get a new one, which you should do at least twice a year. Texts to colleagues and friends? Gone.
Come up with awesome nicknames for you and your friends. The Patriots' ball boy called himself the "deflator" because he wanted to lose weight. Why not dub yourself something like "the flash [crasher]"?
Have your super model wife stand behind you at your press conferences. Sorry, is someone accusing you of something? We got distracted by those long legs behind you.
Have an inept regulator. Oh, wait...
Be incredibly awesome at your job. No one wants to lose their star quarterback, literally. Be the office QB. And maybe line up some high powered endorsements while you're at it.

Photo: Keith Allison

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