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Wall Street recruiters go casual

By NexChange

Being buttoned-up won't always get you in the door, even on Wall Street.

Wall Street's biggest, young recruitment firm is taking a casual approach to a formal career path, reports the New York Post. Traditional recruiters have high fees, and old-school approaches to finding candidates and selling them to firms. But Vettery is the OKCupid to their yenta ways.

Vettery, founded by Adam Goldstein and Brett Adcock, puts candidates on an online platform. Clients can access the platform free of charge while looking at as many as 100 potential hire profiles each week. Vettery then charges 15% of a hire's base salary, where traditional recruiters normally take 30% of a salary plus bonus.

But Vettery isn't open to just any candidate. Less than 5% of its 82,000 registrants have been deemed fit enough for a profile. Candidates are from top-tier schools, with stellar experience.

The system is working for them. Vettery says it's connecting more than 150 first-round interviews a week, and placements are looking to hit 500 in the next 12 months, and outstanding placement pace for the industry.
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