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The Richest Gamers: Drake, Elon Musk and Other Famous Video Game Aficionados

By NexChange
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Many of us, especially millennials, have experienced a situation when video games received a bad rap. Whether it was a mom saying you’re “frying your brain” during the navigation of a “Halo” campaign, or societal labeling of expert gamers as “nerds,” just not the good kind.

Luckily, society and its views on video games have shifted considerably. Not only does gaming encompass one of the largest industries in the world, members of the limelight have begun to flaunt their love of the digital world, with no fear of appearing nerdy.

Have you ever envisioned playing “Fortnite” alongside your favorite celebrity? Chances are you may already have done so. Here are some of the famous actors, entrepreneurs, athletes and other celebrities who share your gaming addiction.


SpaceX and Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk first reported playing the hero-based shooting game in 2016, when he recommended it in a tweet. Since then, he has sparked more publicity by announcing that he finds the game “soothing.”

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