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Bill Gross' Divorce is Totally Insane

By NexChange
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When movie star and lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow split with her rock star husband Chris Martin, she famously described their divorce as a “conscious uncoupling,” – a way of keeping things civil for their two kids – and the two exes have reportedly remained friends since the dissolution of their marriage.

We’re not sure if anyone has come up with a way of describing the inverse of conscious uncoupling, but once the smoke has cleared on the totally insane divorce proceedings between Bill Gross and his ex-wife Sue, someone is going to have to coin a new idiom to describe it. Because the Bond King and his former Queen are redefining messy divorce.

While the divorce between Bill and Sue Gross was finalized in October 2017, the drama only grows stranger. Lucky for us, the New York Post has provided all the crazy details.

Sue filed for divorce in 2016 – after more than 40 years of marriage – citing the tried and true “irreconcilable differences.” That was probably the only normal thing about this divorce.

The former couple had homes in the “exclusive” Irving Cove enclave in Laguna Beach, Calif. and also New York. While Bill – the former head of PIMCO who’s been at Janus Capital since 2014 – lived alone in the Irving Cove compound after the split, Sue won it in the divorce and then “booted Bill.”

Here’s where the fun begins, according to the Post:

Sue claimed he had left their home a stinking mess — with empty bottles of malodorous sprays of “puke” and “fart” smells dumped in the trash and dead fish placed in the air vents, according to court documents.

A source close to Bill denied that the property, believed to be worth as much as $36 million, was left in disarray.

But that’s not all! Yes, it gets much, much weirder:

In one of the most bizarre parts of the battle, Sue admitted in court that she took a pricey Picasso painting from the wall of their home and replaced it with a replica she painted herself, The Post reported in May.

Apparently, the copy of the 1932 work, “Le Repos” — which sold in May for $36 million at Sotheby’s — was so good that Bill was shocked to learn that Sue still had the real one in her possession after she won a coin flip in 2017 that give her ownership of it.

She cited an e-mail that Bill sent to her as justification for the trick, claiming it instructed her to “take all the furniture and art that you’d like.”

“And so I did,” she said in court.

And here are some other noteworthy details from the Post‘s article:

  • The compound in Irving Cove consists of three (!) properties.
  • Sue has thrown down $37.8 million (!) to buy up “pricey pads” in Irving Cove just so Bill couldn’t buy them.
  • So, instead of Irving Cove, Bill “bought a $36 million, 5,500-square-foot waterfront property — right across the street from Sue’s sister and brother-in-law — as return fire at his ex-wife, according to the court documents.”
  • Both Bill and Sue have taken out restraining orders against the other.
  • “Court documents show that they got into a bitter, back-and-forth dispute over who would become the rightful owner of their three cats.”
  • While Sue won custody of the three cats, Bill was granted visitation rights “with a veterinary professional being put in charge of transporting the cats.”

Bill Gross is worth about $1.5 billion, according to Forbes.

You really should read the whole New York Post article here.

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