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Survey Says: Some People Would Rather Date Felons Than Crypto Investors

By NexChange
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Are you single and searching for your soul mate? Do you have all your savings in cryptocurrencies? Well tough luck broseph because according to a recent survey, some people would rather date Tyrone Biggums than you! Take it away, CreditCoin:

Surprisingly, the majority of respondents would choose to date someone who is divorced with a child over someone who has all their money in cryptocurrency. Shockingly, 12 percent of respondents said they would rather date a non-violent felon than any of the three other choices.

If you needed another reason to not put all your money into crypto, here you go. I’m guessing this is just a reflection of how universally bad an idea it is to have your entire nest egg in digital currencies, but it does say something if someone would rather date a fraudster, a burglar, or crackhead over you.

That said, it isn’t all bad for cryptocurrency fans: respondents said they’d choose someone who’s all-in on crypto versus someone with $50,000 in student debt, and 75% of them said they’d likely date someone who is “knowledgeable about cryptocurrency,” so don’t go about dumping your holdings quite yet.

Outside of the dating scene, over half of respondents said that they can imagine having 10 % of their savings in cryptocurrency in 10 years, and if given $10,000, more of them (39%) would buy cryptocurrencies over a house (33%) or a car (29%). Of those who don’t own any digital currencies, 42% said that they don’t know how to buy them while 44% cited how difficult it was purchase them.

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