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Dennis Rodman is in Singapore For the Historic U.S./North Korea Summit - and to Promote a Marijuana Cryptocurrency

By NexChange
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All eyes are on Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un this week as the two leaders meet in Singapore for a historic discussion on nuclear disarmament.

While we wait to see whether the two volatile leaders will be able to reach an agreement on nuclear weapons, there is one man who might be able to bring the two men together: Former NBA star Dennis Rodman, who is also in Singapore this week courtesy of PotCoin, a cryptocurrency for the legal marijuana industry, as the Washington Post reports.

Rodman, who counts both Trump and Kim Jong-un as friends, announced on Twitter that he’d be lending “whatever support is needed to my friends.”

This is the second trip to North Korea that PotCoin has funded for Rodman, with Shawn Perez, a PotCoin spokesman, telling the Post that the “PotCoin team as a community has been incredibly supportive of Rodman’s peace mission from the beginning.” Despite Perez hilariously suggesting that Rodman may deserve a Nobel Peace Price, the U.S. government unsurprisingly does not count the NBA Hall of Famer among its official delegation.

“We at PotCoin definitely believe that Dennis Rodman deserves the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with President Trump and the Marshal Kim Jong Un,” Perez said.

But not everyone is convinced that a visit by Rodman during the June 12 summit would advance the cause of peace.

A State Department spokesman underscored that Rodman is not part of the official U.S. delegation to the summit, saying, “We have no comment on Dennis Rodman’s private travel. He’s not a representative of the U.S. government.”

Harry Kazianis, an Asia expert at the Center for the National Interest, was more blunt in his assessment of Rodman’s sojourn to Singapore: “If the administration has any inkling that Dennis Rodman is thinking of turning the Singapore summit into some sort of freak reality show, they need to privately reach out and ask him politely to take his talents elsewhere,” he told the Post.

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