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Eric Schmidt: Elon Musk is 'Exactly Wrong' About AI

By NexChange
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Of all the things that Elon Musk is famous for – PayPal, Tesla, Space X, his vast wealth – nothing seems more un-Elon than his deep paranoia of artificial intelligence.

After all, how does a guy that has embraced the future in every other aspect of his life – he wants us to travel to Mars for God’s sake! – also fear the future so much? Musk has issued dire warnings to some of his famous friends who are deeply involved with AI, including Google co-founder Larry Page; but, alas, one of his famous friends has finally snapped back.

Speaking at the VivaTech conference in Paris on Friday, Eric Schmidt, the former executive chairman of Alphabet – Google’s parent company – scoffed at Musk’s dystopian views on AI, as Business Insider reports.

“Elon is exactly wrong. My position is clear. He’s wrong. And he’s wrong because he doesn’t understand the benefits that this technology will provide to making every human being smarter. The fact of the matter is that artificial intelligence and machine learning are so fundamentally good for humanity. It makes every citizen smarter, from the best educated to the least. It allows you to live longer, with less pain, less disease.

“It allows you to make economic systems and social systems be more fluid. Over and over again making people smarter is a net good. He is concerned about the possible misuse of this technology and I am too, but today the overwhelming benefit of this is positive.”

As previously reported, Musk told Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance, who is also Musk’s biographer, that he Page could be well-meaning in his work with AI, but still “produce something evil by accident,” such as  “a fleet of artificial intelligence-enhanced robots capable of destroying mankind.”

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