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ExoLover is Using the Blockchain to Improve Our Sex Lives

By NexChange
Lifestyle, FinTech

For those of us who are excited by the potential for blockchain technology to innovate nearly all aspects of our lives, ExoLover is perhaps all the proof we need to feel that our excitement is warranted.

That’s because the Australia-based firm has taken the blockchain into a brave new world that we’re pretty sure has not previously been traversed: The adult sex toy industry. And because you are no doubt wondering, ExoLover is a collection of sex toy devices that allows “users [to] interact remotely with others in an immersive virtual sexual experience that transmits the sensations of sexual intercourse for a full body experience unlike any other.”

Consider ExoLover to be The Joy of Sex for the 21st Century.

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch Heath Muchena, chief information officer, and Magnus Sundbye, business developed, Europe, discuss ExoLover’s mission at NexChange’s Block O2O Blockchain Summit in Hong Kong.


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