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eSports is a Booming Business and VReS is Building a Platform to Make it More Immersive For Fans

By NexChange
Lifestyle, FinTech

Video games have come a long way since the days when Atari was the dominant gaming system and playing with a group of fellow gamers meant grabbing a roll of quarters at your local arcade.

The gaming systems today have become more powerful and immersive, greatly expanding the possibilities of the gaming experience through the incorporation of virtual reality. If one wants to grasp just how much the video game industry has matured and grown, look no further than the booming eSports industry, the competitive video game business that has now been embraced by countless mainstream outlets, including ESPN.

Looking to make the VR gaming experience even more immersive for users, VReS is developing a platform that brings the world of cryptocurrency to eSports, allowing users to interact with each other, bet  on tournaments and support their favorite players.

Seralyn Campbell, chief promotions officer for VReS, spoke at NexChange’s Block O2O Blockchain Summit in Hong Kong about the firm’s forthcoming platform. Watch her presentation below.

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