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How Dona-Partners is Using the Blockchain to Enhance Transparency in the Charitable Donation Market

By NexChange
Lifestyle, FinTech

One of the obvious questions one may have when making a charitable donation is a very basic one: How exactly is my money being used?

Enter dona-Partners Limited, a Hong Kong-based startup that is developing its blockchain-powered “Dona platform” that looks inject transparency in the donation market, while also developing a community connected through sharing information and reviews of charitable organizations and successful experiences in donating. The Dona platform will include its own cryptocurrency – the “dona token” – and aims connect givers directly with the charitable organizations, eliminating any middle men and “enhancing interest, understanding, and empathy with regards to donation market.”

Kouhei Wad, CEO of  dona-Partners Limited, joined NexChange at out Block O2O Global Summit in Hong Kong to discuss his company’s forthcoming platform – and how it could transform the donation market. Watch his presentation below.


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