Our Story

After nearly three decades as an investment professional, managing portfolios on behalf of hedge funds, prop trading, and asset management, Juwan Lee left the industry, only to discover that he could no longer find what he took for granted: easy access to relevant content, peers, and chat. That's when Juwan decided to assemble a team of financial, tech, and media experts to realise his dream, born was NexChange. The name implies the future of exchange.

About NexChange

Our mission is to unite the global financial community, enabling professionals to reach their full potential.

We've created a single, trusted social media platform for all financial professionals to connect and chat with their peers, discover and share relevant content.

Who We Are

NexChangers represent a global team of experts from finance, technology, and media that have come together to design a new platform to connect the entire financial services industry.

NexChangers believe in a collaborative and fast-paced work environment. We reward trying new things and taking risks. We are a diverse, global team with a get-it-done attitude.


Juwan Lee

Early ‘90s tech investor at Montgomery. Hedge funds, SAC Capital. Prop trading, JPMorgan. CIO, Shanghai’s biggest firm. Ironman competitor. Seed investor in search of new ideas. Trained as engineer & management systems consultant. Now an evangelist for marriage of financial services & social media. Big discovery: You need a dozen websites to chat, connect, find news, & events. NexChange fixes that.

Paul Scibetta

Former CEO JPMorgan Private Bank in Asia. New York City returnee & whiteboard addict. CEO, PacificBridge Capital, an investor in East-West startups. Erstwhile lawyer @ JPMorgan, Cleary Gottlieb. CEO, Quiet Revolution, a mission-based lifestyle company. Big idea: Introverts are the secret weapon of the workplace.

Yong-Hak Huh

First CIO, private markets & direct investment, Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). Headed HSBC Asia financial institutions group, South Korea. Former Managing Director, JPMorgan veteran, heading M&A plus telecom media & tech for Asia. Golf enthusiast. Advisor for Andreessen Horowitz, KKR, Blackstone, Apollo, Silver Lake, and more. Currently CEO & founder, First Bridge Strategy. Big vision: Outsourcing CIO for alternative portfolios for the long-term.

Geoffrey Prentice

Entrepreneur, investor. Former Chief Strategy Officer & founding team member for Skype. Led corporate development, fund-raising, and $3.1 billion sale to eBay. Founder, Atomico, tech-focused growth stage fund. Managing Partner, Oriente Investment. Notable: 10,000 people joined Skype at launch. Big insight: Invent online businesses that expose unmet needs & users will come.

Bart Chilton

Former Commissioner, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Served in the House & Senate under Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama. Focus: financial services, agriculture, energy, the environment. Regular guest on business TV & editorial pages. Senior Policy Advisor, DLA Piper. Champion of innovation. Big goal: Root out the bad actors in finance.

Engee Chen

Former CFO & VP, Yahoo Asia. Media and tech executive, riding the Internet wave from the start. Former Managing Director, Time Inc. Asia. Built out advertising and consumer businesses across multiple markets. Avid runner and exercise fanatic. Big observation: You need online & offline expertise to make networks flourish.

Francis Lau

Associate Dean, Computer Science, University of Hong Kong. Math Ph.D. Focus: Systems & the nexus between computers and the arts. Aficionado in the art of violin-making. Member, IEEE Computer Society. Chief Judge, Minecraft Competition, Hong Kong’s 1st day of coding for kids. Big vision: Merging the academic with real life.

Jeremy Pink

Former President and Managing Director of CNBC Asia based in Singapore and who currently is CEO of Broadcast Sport Network International. Pink has also held executive positions at CNN and at CNBC in London and US. He has also served as a Managing Director and Partner of Hedgeye, one of Wall Street's largest independent research firms. Pink also serves as and board member, adviser and consultant to television networks, digital media and financial tech firms around the world. He is an avid sports fan.

Shayne Veramallay

Head of DLA Piper's Venture Pipeline group, focused on enhancing the funding prospects of early and growth stage ventures. Former V.P. working with private equity and hedge fund clients at JPMorgan Chase. A private equity placement agent, generalist venture capitalist, start-up manager, and platform integration team leader. Advises emerging growth technology companies on various aspects of their business strategies.

April Rudin

Founder & CEO, The Rudin Group. Creator of wealth marketing strategies. Early social media adopter. Consulting to financial services firms in North America, Asia, Middle East. Millennial expert. Fintech devotee. Creator, first computerized system for training & tracking temps @Kelly Services. Columnist: Huffington Post. Big vision: Financial services must get social.

Our Values


One network for the entire financial services industry


Find financial news and events, connect and chat - all in one place


Made for and by financial professionals


Privacy and security are a top priority

Global Presence

NexChange is headquartered in New York at the intersection of finance, media, and technology. We have expanded our presence to London and Hong Kong to access global financial centers.

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