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NexChange is the professional social network for the financial services industry. Connect with peers, discover events, engage with industry content, and access financial charts and quotes - all in one place.


Connect with peers

And grow your professional network

Build your career profile with work history, education, and skills. Connect with your financial industry peers and grow your professional network.

Engage with industry content

And join the conversation

Find top stories and videos from NexChange journalists and industry-leading financial publications. Discover and share stories in your personal network and participate in conversations about the latest financial news.

Discover financial events

Bookmark and share with your network

Explore curated lists of must-attend events for the financial services industry. Save events for later and share with your professional connections.

Access financial charts & quotes

All in one place

Keep up with the markets with charts at your fingertips. Find up-to-date global indices and search quotes for stocks.

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Send private messages directly to your professional contacts


NexChange follows industry best-practices to keep your data secure


Control who you connect with and what you share


Choose the news and updates you receive


Available on iOS and Android devices

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