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Greed is Good? Wealth Manager Asks Trump to Pardon Michael Milken
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Michael Milken has spent many years now working as a philanthropist, but for better or worse he will probably never shake his reputation among many people as a poster child of Wall Street excess during the 1980s, which culminated with Milken serving 22 months in prison after pleading guilty to securities fraud in 1990. Famously dubbed the "Junk Bond King" during his time
Graham & Dodd vs. Edwards & Magee
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The development of a personal trading or investing philosophy is usually an evolutionary and highly personal process. Through a combination of experience, trial-and-error, and the attainment of knowledge, successful market participants hone their skills until they find a strategy that works for them and that is consistent with their general mindset. Despite the individualized journey, though, battle lines are generally
Advisor Software Launches Behavioral IQ, First-Of-Its Kind Behavioral Finance Risk Assessment Solution
Behavioral IQ enables advisors to truly understand their clients’ personalities and risk tolerance to make more intelligent investment selections WALNUT CREEK, Calif. – June 27, 2017 – Advisor Software, Inc., a leader in wealth management cloud solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Behavioral IQ, a first-of-its-kind comprehensive behavioral finance profiling solution that calculates deep behavioral characteristics influencing risk and
Advisors Find a Road Less Traveled in Fixed Income
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Experienced investors know they can’t control what the market is going to offer. While it’s not unusual to find an asset manager targeting a specific return, actually achieving that goal is sometimes as much a matter of luck as skill. The simple fact is that no one, not the best stock picker or bond buyer in the world, can accurately
The Philanthropy World is Embracing Impact Investing
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In 2015, the United Nations set out of list of Sustainable Development Goals to track global progress against massive social and environmental challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change. But doing hitting those goals will take more than creative public and private partnerships: it will cost money. All told, the estimate is in the trillions, which neither governments nor
Investment Strategy: How to Diversify Across Active and Passive
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We all know that investing is inherently risky and that diversification is one way to help to manage risk. Most investors or advisors—who know just how important a diversified portfolio can be—would not go all fixed income, or all value stocks, or put all their money in a single company. Those kinds of investors know that markets are cyclical. What
Don't Wait for Rough Markets to Take a Look at Alternatives
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Volatility is remarkably low today, but it’s not likely to stay that way. Alternatives have the potential to provide diversification and reduce risk when markets get stormy again. But what’s the best way to design an alternatives allocation? The recent run of market tranquility makes it easy to forget that we’ve seen more volatility spikes in the past two years
Global X Survey: Affluent Millennial Investors Shifting Money to Advisors Over Next Decade
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A survey released today by Global X Funds, the ETF issuer with $4.8 billion in assets under management, found some interesting points on the expectations investors have regarding their advisors and their asset allocation for the next decade. This is the second year the firm has issued the “Beyond Baby Boomers” survey of Millennial and Generation X investors. Photo by
Wealth Managers Salivate over 'Succession Tsunami'
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A generational shift among wealthy families in Asia is expected to offer rich opportunities for wealth managers. The transition is hoped to be especially lucrative because much of the wealth will pass from self-made businesspeople to their children, who tend to be more comfortable with financial products than their parents. “Get ready for the new rulers of family office land,”
What Do the Recent SEC Robo Guidelines Mean for Advisors?
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New SEC guidance provides effective ways for advisors to comply with disclosure regulations Robo-advisors continue to represent a fast-growing trend in the investment advice industry, changing the way firms engage with and service their clients. However, given the automated and online nature of their business models, there are unique considerations for robo-advisors when complying with traditional regulations. Following collaboration with