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The Biggest Trends in Family Wealth
Wealth Management
Family wealth has emerged as the financial-industry topic of this decade, akin to what estate planning was in the ‘70s, investment planning in the ‘80s, financial planning in the ‘90s, and wealth management in the ‘00s. Today family wealth advisors serve 35,000 households that all together account for more than $5 trillion in assets. Also known as family office services
Robo-Advisors vs. Human Advisors: Which Provides the Services That People Most Want?
Wealth Management
While robos can help simplify processes, human relationships are key to satisfaction, says one investment survey At its core, investing is seen by many as a data-driven activity. So, it’s not surprising that so-called “robo-advisors” might be perceived as the next big thing in portfolio management, especially when the services are offered at a fraction of the price of a
Blending the Ingredients of a Portfolio
Wealth Management
While most investors focus on potential returns in their portfolios, Russ discusses why risk and correlation are just as important. When building portfolios, most investors tend to focus on the appeal of return over risk. But in fact, risk matters as much if not more than return. Ideally, investors want to take three factors into account in portfolio construction: the
Life After Beta: Are You Asking the Right Questions About Alternatives?
Wealth Management
Investors have had mixed experiences with alternative investments lately, as the market landscape has made it hard for managers’ skills to shine. It’s time to ask some pointed questions to get the right fit. Alternatives are designed to provide less market exposure and more emphasis on outperformance through security selection or other active investment decisions. Reducing market exposure offers some
Robo-Advice Firm 8 Securities Reveals Second Japanese Service
The firm behind Japan's first robo-adviser for retail customers has launched a product available entirely on smartphones and tablets. In 2015, 8 Securities launched its “8 Now!” service, which it describes as Japan's first robo-adviser. Its new service, Chloe, will allow users to complete the investment process solely on its mobile app. Customers will get exposure to a tailored portfolio
4 Ways This Fintech Startup Is Disrupting Financial Planning
Among the more established fintech sectors is customer-relationship-management (CRM) software for financial advisors. Legacy players have long dominated the space, but fintech upstarts are starting to respond to the changing needs of consumers of financial advice and the financial advisors that offer it. What’s new in the fintech space is tech that connects savvy investors and consumers of financial planning
How Much Do I Need To Retire?
Wealth Management
The single most vexing question today concerning retirement is, how much money will I need? It is vexing because there is no simple answer. The amount any one individual will require is determined by a host of factors, including that most unknowable of all: how long that person will live. Interest rates prevailing at the time of retirement – a
Donald Trump vs. Robo-Advisors
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Last week, Betterment CEO Jon Stein publicly called for President-elect Donald Trump to support the fiduciary standard, a Department of Labor rule introduced this year that requires financial advisors to act in their clients’ best interests rather than their own. Stein’s letter to the Wall Street Journal called lobbying against the rule “an attack against the biggest benefit for retirement
Report: Wells Fargo Banking Scam Was Also Insurance Scam
Wealth Management
The massive scam at Wells Fargo in which thousands of the bank's employees opened roughly two million unauthorized customer accounts has also turned out to be a massive insurance scam involving Wells Fargo's partnership with Prudential, the New York Times reports. According to three former Prudential managers in the company's corporate investigation division, Wells Fargo employees allegedly signed up bank
Josh Brown on Repealing Fiduciary Rule: 'I Dare You'
Wealth Management
The Department of Labor's new fiduciary standard rule for financial advisors is set to take effect in April, but with President-Elect Donald Trump vowing during his campaign to temporarily stop its implementation - or undo it altogether - the future of the legislation is now in limbo. However, Josh Brown, CEO of New York City-based Ritholtz Wealth Management and a