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All Asset All Access, January 2018
Chris Brightman, Research Affiliates’ chief investment officer, discusses the 2018 outlook across a global opportunity set, while Research Affiliates’ asset allocation and research specialists offer insights into key asset classes. Jim Masturzo (equities), Shane Shepherd (bonds), Michael Aked (real return assets) and Omid Shakernia (alternative strategies) discuss the opportunities they’re seeing as we start the year. As always, their insights
JPMorgan wealth managers take it on the chin in the first quarter
Everybody and his sister is trying to milk the wealth management cow of steady fees. The markets aren't cooperating. Revenue from the wealth management sector fell 6% to $2.2 billion, JPMorgan reported on Wednesday "due to the impact of lower markets and lower brokerage revenue." JPMorgan was the first major bank to report earnings for the first quarter and is