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Multi-Alternative Funds: Alts for One and One for Alts
How multi-alternative funds may eliminate choice overload for investors In my most recent blog, I described how choosing the appropriate alternative strategy (Real estate? Market neutral? Senior loans?) could become the biggest challenge for new investors in alternatives. This is one of the most common questions I receive here at Invesco, along with how to identify the best fund managers
Spotlight on Active Management: Finding Superior Active Managers
Superior managers do exist. We know how they behave and what they look like. Research in behavioral finance over the last two decades suggests that superior managers do exist. We see how superior managers behave, we know what they look like, and we believe we know how to find them. In 2002, University of Maryland professor Russ Wermers found that
The women to follow all year-round on financial Twitter
We've compiled a list of women to follow on financial Twitter all year round. From economists to traders, here are the women NexChange has selected. Who would you add to the list? Download the app here to comment. Big thinkers/economists: Stephanie Kelton @StephanieKelton Professor, political/economic commentary – advisor to Senator Bernie Sanders Christine LaGarde @Lagarde Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
What advisors don't understand about millennials and their smartphones
About those millennials. The ones that always seem to have their noses in their smartphones. They are not a-social. Au contraire, says Michael Kitces, partner and director of Research, Pinnacle Advisory Group "Millennials are spending so much time with phones on social media because they are communicating with other human beings," Kitces told financial advisors at a CFA Institute wealth management