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All Asset All Access, January 2018
Chris Brightman, Research Affiliates’ chief investment officer, discusses the 2018 outlook across a global opportunity set, while Research Affiliates’ asset allocation and research specialists offer insights into key asset classes. Jim Masturzo (equities), Shane Shepherd (bonds), Michael Aked (real return assets) and Omid Shakernia (alternative strategies) discuss the opportunities they’re seeing as we start the year. As always, their insights
Equity Factor Investing: Three Key Considerations
Equity investors in search of higher returns are increasingly turning to factor investing. Driving this trend is frustration with the underperformance and higher fees of traditional active equity approaches, along with a growing realization that many stock-picking strategies owe their results largely to the manager’s factor tilts rather than stock-specific risk. So, the reasoning goes, why not gain exposure to
Help Clients Make Charitable Giving History
2017 may well be a record breaking year for philanthropy in the United States. Three significant contributing factors—strong markets, possible tax reform, and increased support for disaster relief and recovery—suggest that now may be an ideal time for clients to embrace charitable giving, perhaps more than ever before. Giving now, rather than later in the year, could also be prudent
Robo Advice Data for Q3 2017 Now Available for Advisors
The Robo Report™ has opened accounts across the most prominent robo advisors and tracks performance across the portfolios. The portfolios are created by presenting the same investor type to robo advisors, seeking a moderate portfolio of 60% equities and 40% fixed income in the taxable accounts and the most aggressive portfolio available in the IRA accounts. By opening and tracking
Investing Like the Mafia 2017
As famed market strategist Richard Bernstein has pointed out, investors should pattern common stock selection after the investment style of the Mafia. What causes the Mafia to get such good returns? How do they spot opportunities? Why should we as investors in publicly-traded common stocks emulate their behavior near the end of 2017? First, the Mafia invests in areas where
Finding Opportunities in the ESG Space
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Invesco Unit Trusts uses two common ESG approaches in its new portfolio In the past, investing according to your values, or anything other than financial fundamentals, was seen as a potential detriment to performance. Over time, however, investors have learned that non-financial metrics can help them better understand the risks a company faces, and may even impact that company’s stock
5 Agents of Change Investors Need to Know About Now
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The world is running out of gold mines, here's how investors can play it The world is changing fast right now in ways that many investors might not easily recognize or want to admit. This could end up being a costly mistake. If you’re not paying attention, you could be letting opportunities pass you by without even realizing it. With
Navigating U.S. Wealth Management: Five Key Themes for Financial Advisors and Individual Investors
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SUMMARY Unprecedented changes are reshaping the financial advice industry and affecting portfolio construction for individual investors. We have observed five key themes based on our discussions with financial intermediaries, advisors and individual investors across the U.S. over the past several months. At PIMCO, we are dedicated to delivering best-in-class investment solutions that can help financial advisors and investors benefit from
Grow Your Practice Through Charitable Giving Conversations
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Discussing charitable giving with clients can deepen your client relationships and help you grow your practice. A 2016 survey by U.S. Trust found that nearly all high-net-worth donors (94%) are curious to know more about charitable giving. This signals an opportunity for advisors to become a vital resource for clients with an offering that differentiates their practice and encourages organic
A Case for Multi-Asset Investing: The Low-Return Imperative
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  There’s one primary reason we believe it’s more important than ever before for investors to consider a multi-asset approach to investing. We call this reason the low-return imperative—the idea that because future market returns are likely to be lower than the required rate of return, it’s imperative for investors to seek additional sources of return to improve the odds of