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Video: Marc Andreessen on successful founders and the coming wave of startup exits
Here’s an interesting video. Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Marc Andreessen recently spoke at the Bloomberg Technology Conference and said that he believes unicorns may finally have a way out of the enchanted forest: “We see more M&A activity happening in the pipeline. We see more deals in consideration, than we have in probably four years.” And he doesn’t see just one
Video: 'Silicon Valley' cast mocks real startups' names
What's worse than all the "creative" millennial baby names? Startup unicorn names that sound like they're straight off of Mars and tell you nothing about a company. The cast of HBO's "Silicon Valley," who run a company on the show called Pied Piper, ripped apart these startup names with their own guesses as to what the companies actually do.
Video: Winter is coming... to Silicon Valley
What happens when Game of Thrones meets the world of startups? Something magical.
Video: Inside Sweden’s Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley may be the world’s leader as far as tech is concerned, but Sweden – the birthplace of Skype, Spotify, and Minecraft to name just a few – has been giving it a serious run for its money. Curious how the Swedes became so good at creating some of the world’s most beloved apps and gadgets, Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance
Video: Baseline Ventures’ Steve Anderson on being a top VC
Venture capital is not easy, and few people know that more than early-stage Instagram investor and Baseline Ventures founder Steve Anderson. Here he is talking about what he looks for in startups, how he deals with founders, and going with his gut. Check it out.
Video: America’s coolest start-up
Unicorns like Uber and Airbnb may get all the funding, but only one start-up involves former Delta operators and zombie killing: the Nevada-based Adventure Combat Ops. Photo: The U.S. Army
Video: Bill Gates: ‘If you gave me a basket of unicorns…I might go short’
How does Bill Gates feel about unicorns? Well, he’d probably bet against them short term, but on a longer timeframe? Forget about it.
Video: $800M Magic Leap deal beats all VC investments in AR for 2015 combined
2015 was a bumper year for venture capital investment in the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) space. According to CB Insights, AR and VR startups raised $658 million in equity financing last year across 126 deals. But all that seems like small fry now Florida-based Magic Leap has raised an astonishing $794 million round of funding led by Alibaba.
Video: Will the 80-20 rule apply to unicorn IPOs in 2016? Jim Breyer thinks so.
We all know 2016 is set up to be a rough year for our billion dollar startups, also known as unicorns. While some may deserve their gigantic private market valuations, many don't. So how many can we expect to go public this year, or even by the end of 2017? Looking ahead, Jim Breyer, founder and CEO of Breyer Capital, predicts