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NexChange to Host Blockbuster Blockchain Conference in Hong Kong
Here’s something that’ll excite Asia’s blockchain enthusiasts. Blockchain and cryptocurrency leaders are set to come to Hong Kong on May 8 for NexChange’s Block O2O Blockchain Summit. The summit, which aims to drive blockchain investment, understanding, and progress, features blockchain bigwigs such as Nick Spanos, founding member of the BitcoinCenter in New York and current CEO and co-founder of,
Initial Coin Offerings > Venture Capital?
Article by RCM Alternatives We recently went over the basics of blockchain and Bitcoin in in our latest webinar, and one of the main topics surrounded the ICO, or initial coin offering, as creating a more equal and de-centralized playing field for people with ideas that want to turn them into companies. See 2017 Hedge Fund Letters. So what exactly
HK Conglomerate Backs British Healthtech Startup
Healthtech fundraising may have been a little quiet this month, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some big ones going on in the background. According to their website, British healthtech AI startup Medopad has scored $28 million for the first close of its Series A round. It plans to raise $120 million over the next few months through equity
VC Bitcoin Fintech Deals Spike 100% in Q2
To say demand for Bitcoin fintech is heating up, would be a big understatement. At the beginning of July, payments processor Vantiv made an offer for UK-based Worldpay, which operates in the same sector. Vantiv soon found itself embroiled in a takeover battle with one of the world’s largest banks, JPMorgan Chase as it tried to bag Worldpay for itself.
The World Business Angel Investment Forum Returns to Istanbul!
After the success of the inaugural World Business Angel Investment Forum (WBAF) in 2016, the WBAF returns to Istanbul this year with a new focus: how corporate businesses can foster open innovation and deliver more value through partnerships with angel investors, start-ups, and SMEs. Over 90% of early-stage investments in Europe come from angel investors, and according to OECD reports,
Currency Exchange Startup uChange Completes Seed Round
Currency exchange platform uChange has recently completed a seed funding round of $500,000, according to the company. UChange is an Israeli based app that connects two people in close proximity to each other who are holding opposite currencies and want to exchange the same amount of cash. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: M4D Group
Octopus Investments Joins the Fintech Race
The 'booster unit' will ensure office space and provide admittance to Octopus distribution channels, writes FinBuzz. Octopus Group has created a service to assist fintech with start-ups. The businesses Octopus supports are completely free from any fees; the company is also not interested in taking any up-front equity. However, Octopus announced that at the end of the 12-week programme they
Hong Kong is the Asian underdog of the fintech world
Hong Kong can't keep up with expectations. The Asian city with close ties to the west gives people the illusion of hills of available cash ready to pour into startups, but that's not exactly the case, says Gordon Yen, managing director of Hong Kong-based Radiant Venture Capital, at NexChange's Fintech O2O event Thursday. The trillions of dollars under management in Hong Kong
The 10 most active VC investors in fintech
When the CEO of a top bank warns its shareholders that “Silicon Valley is coming,” as J.P. Morgan’s did last year, it’s a good bet that there may be major disruption on its way to the finance industry. While fintech startups have been catching investors’ eyes for some time now—2010 saw 117 VC deals completed in the space—the pace of activity has definitely quickened over
Founders, investors gather in Hong Kong to share past failures
<p>Learning and growing from one's past failures is a core part of startup culture and this week a group of founders will gather in Hong Kong to observe that tradition at the 2nd annual Postmortem conference.</p> <p>The event will be held at KPMG's Causeway Bay office at Hysan Place and will feature a line-up of HK's best startup founders, investors and mentors sharing their personal failures, pivots, regrets, and mea culpas. Confirmed speakers at the event include:</p> <p> Deepak Madnani, Paperclip<br /> Daniel Walker, Dragon Law<br /> Christopher Geary, Asianet Group<br /> Elsa Chan, Jetlun<br /> Andrea Livotto, Perpetu<br /> Sam Gellman, Uber<br /> Jeffrey Broer, Grayscale<br /> Donna NguyenPhuoc, Angel investor</p> <p>The event starts tomorrow (October 17) but a handful of tickets are still available.<br /> Photo: Steve Jurvetson<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>