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2018 Hong Kong Fintech Week Slated to Be World’s First Cross-Border Fintech Conference
Hong Kong Fintech Week is right around the corner, and apparently, Hong Kong will be taking things all the way up to 11. After wowing an over 4,000-strong crowd of international investors, regulators, and fintech enthusiasts in Hong Kong last year, Hong Kong Fintech Week is set to outdo itself this year by becoming the world’s first cross-border fintech event.
Southeast Asian Startups’ ‘Valley of Death’
For Southeast Asian fintech startups, securing a second round of funding can be deadly. Speaking to DealStreetAsia, FinAccel CEO Akshay Garg detailed what it was it was like to secure the “largest ever” Series B round for a Southeast Asian fintech company. The picture he drew, however, wasn’t pretty. The dearth of local funds in the $200-300 million range apparently
Basis Has Raised $133M on its Promise of a ‘Stableoin.’ Should We Buy the Hype?
When you read the white paper for Basis, a crypto startup based in Hoboken, New Jersey, you’ll come across a section that touts its potential to work as a solution in developing nations where people lack access to stable currencies. It notes that “in countries with weak institutions and unstable currencies” there also tends to be “high rates of inflation
How Three of the Biggest VCs Are Building Their Crypto Strategy
When Union Square Ventures (USV) announced in June that it had invested in Multicoin Capital, a “thesis-driven” cryptofund based in Austin, Texas, it was the latest sign that the industry’s biggest venture capitalists are increasingly pouring money into the cryptocurrency space – and arguably embracing the token economy far more aggressively than most segments of the financial services industry. However,
Andreessen Horowitz Launches Crypto Fund; Names First Female Partner
After months of rumors, Andreessen Horowitz finally announced the launch of A16z crypto, a $300M venture fund that the venture capital giant will use to invest in crypto companies and protocols. Chris Dixon, a general partner for A16z who has been at the forefront of Andreessen Horowitz's efforts in the cryptocurrency, said in a statement announcing the launch that the
True Global Ventures Unveil the Future of Angel and VC Funds
Always wondered what the angel and venture funds of the future would be like? Well, True Global Ventures founder Dušan Stojanović might have something for you. Speaking at the NexChange Blockchain O2O Blockchain Summit, the prominent VC detailed a decentralized blockchain AI fund he’s working on that not only improves on the current angel and venture fund model, but could
How AngelVest is Using Blockchain to Create a 'Democratized Investment Platform'
By utilizing blockchain technology - specifically through smart contracts - Shanghai-based AngelVest aims to create a highly scalable platform that will give all accredited individual investors access to deals they likely wouldn't be able to access, while significantly reducing the fund administration costs for these investors. Founder David Chen spoke at NexChange's Block O2O Global Summit in Hong Kong, where
Massive Growth of Crypto Funds Continues in 2018
Despite Falling Prices and Regulatory Hurdles, Hedge Funds and Venture Capital Launch Cryptocurrency Investment Funds at Record Pace. Rohnert Park, CA, April 26, 2018 – Prices for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are off about 50% from their December 2017 highs and the SEC has announced its intent to investigate over 100 crypto hedge funds. Yet those hurdles haven’t slowed
NexChange to Host Blockbuster Blockchain Conference in Hong Kong
Here’s something that’ll excite Asia’s blockchain enthusiasts. Blockchain and cryptocurrency leaders are set to come to Hong Kong on May 8 for NexChange’s Block O2O Blockchain Summit. The summit, which aims to drive blockchain investment, understanding, and progress, features blockchain bigwigs such as Nick Spanos, founding member of the BitcoinCenter in New York and current CEO and co-founder of,
Initial Coin Offerings > Venture Capital?
Article by RCM Alternatives We recently went over the basics of blockchain and Bitcoin in in our latest webinar, and one of the main topics surrounded the ICO, or initial coin offering, as creating a more equal and de-centralized playing field for people with ideas that want to turn them into companies. See 2017 Hedge Fund Letters. So what exactly