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Snapshotting Europe’s VC Industry In 16 Charts
The European VC industry has struggled recently. Sure, there are several cities that shine as beacons of Europe’s potential, but political and economic uncertainties have worked to hold back a major breakout. Coupled with low levels of mega-funds that can support an ever-growing industry, Europe is hampered by hurdles on every side. While uncertainties persist, changes are in the making.
Venture Capital Interest in the Fintech Asset Management Space Has Exploded
Here’s the latest entry in PitchBook’s continuing research of the fintech space, with this analyst note providing an update on the most important trends within asset management. As passive investing continues to rake in billions and traditional players either develop their own low-cost digital advisory platforms or engage in M&A, it’s clear that the trend toward lower-cost, more easily accessible
VR Startup Snags Europe's Largest VC Funding of 2017
Venture Capital
Improbable, the London-based maker of a platform used by developers to build enormous virtual worlds, recently announced an equity financing in excess of half a billion dollars at a reported valuation of more than $1 billion, pushing the company squarely into unicorn territory. Announced on Thursday, the transaction is one of the biggest VC deals ever for a European startup.
Dropbox Exec Leaves to Form New VC, Following a Well-Worn Path
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Xuezhao Lan has resigned from her role as head of corporate development for Dropbox and has plans to launch a venture capital firm, as first reported by Axios. There aren’t many details yet on the new VC, but Lan will be joined by two corporate development executives from a different highly-valued startup, per Axios. By Dropbox ( [Public domain], via
What the Current US Venture Industry Looks Like in 24 Charts
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The US venture market was a bit unsettled heading into 2017. Dealmaking last year was a bit frosty compared to 2014 and 2015, when capital seemed easy to come by. To be fair, there were many unknowns: Would the new president’s policies have a major impact on investment? How would the public markets embrace unicorns and other highly valued startups?
The Top 8 Investors in New York Seed Rounds
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In recent weeks, New York has been something of an exit hotspot. Moat, an adtech company that had raised $68 million in VC funding, was acquired by Oracle last week in a deal reportedly valued at nearly $1 billion. And on April 13, enterprise tech startup Yext (NYSE: YEXT) began trading publicly after previously raising about $116 million in VC
This is Why Your Startup Will Fail
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Growing up, I was unbeatable at H-O-R-S-E, the basketball game kids play when’s only one hoop and just a few around. Basically, everyone gets a chance to skin a basket from a certain spot or in a certain way, then each subsequent player’s got to follow suit. I’d invite friends to come play in my driveway after school. When the game got close, I’d pretend
VCs Planting Seeds in the Cannabis Industry
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The startup world has seen a growing number of cannabis-related companies crop up over the past several years, a development that’s likely driven by the increasing number of US states to legalize marijuana in some capacity. The industry is ripe for technological innovation—and several companies and investors are taking advantage. gjbmiller / PixabayIn fact, after already setting a new high
The Anatomy of a Successful Entrepreneur [Infographic]
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Have you ever wondered what sets a successful entrepreneur apart from everyone else? A study of 549 business founders conducted by the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship aimed to find out just that: what makes a successful entrepreneur? The results of the study are in and, interestingly, it doesn’t seem to be nepotism or an upper class upbringing that creates these
The ABCs of Startup Finance
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It’s fantastic to change the world with a startup and the experience can be intoxicating, especially if there is growth. But this creates the temptation to ignore details like startup finance, which can then lead to the startup graveyard. Before changing the world, first a company has to survive. And survival requires an understanding of basic startup finance. Some people