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Minecraft’s Markus Persson moans about being a billionaire. Yes, really.
<p>For mere mortals the idea of reaching billionaire status by creating a product adored by millions is the stuff dreams are made of. Not for Minecraft creator Markus Persson who sold his insanely popular game platform to Microsoft last year for $2.5 billion - giving him a next worth of $1.3 billion, according to Forbes.</p> <p>He is miserable. For Markus, being in the three comma club is not all that it’s cracked up to be.</p> <p>Channeling the spirit of the term “first world problems”, the self-made swede recently took to twitter for a spate of poor-me postings about how lonely it is at the top.</p> <p>Here are some of his top moans:</p> <p>The problem with getting everything is you run out of reasons to keep trying, and human interaction becomes impossible due to imbalance.<br /> — Markus Persson (@notch) August 29, 2015</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Found a great girl, but she's afraid of me and my life style and went with a normal person instead.<br /> — Markus Persson (@notch) August 29, 2015</p> <p>&nbsp;<br /> When we sold the company, the biggest effort went into making sure the employees got taken care of, and they all hate me now. — Markus Persson (@notch) August 29, 2015<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>Needless to say there were a lot replies showing a mixture of sympathy from fans and friends, and bewilderment from others. But my personal favorite is this....<br /> @notch Why are you feeling sorry for yourself? Sell the $75M mansion, stop all the partying. Do what matters to you. Be a real person. — D Webster (@DWebster2008) August 29, 2015</p> <p>Not so much for comment itself but for the reply it got:</p> <p>@DWebster2008 Nah, the mansion has a pool.</p> <p>— Markus Persson (@notch) August 29, 2015</p> <p>Yeah, it is difficult to feel sympathy for a billionaire - really difficult. But then again Persson is not the only example of a brooding billionaire. If it teaches us anything, its that the pursuit of success can often be more enjoyable than lifting up the actual prize.<br /> Photo: MarLeah Cole</p>
Weekend Reads: Star Wars, Tianjin, and brunch with the former ‘King of mining M&A’
<p>From Tianjin conspiracies to the dark side of licensing, here are some great reads for you this weekend:</p> <p>With the release of “Straight to Hell” and “Why I left Goldman Sachs,” is the Michael Lewis classic “Liar’s Poker” still the best trading floor memoir? Gary Sernovitz sure thinks so. The New Yorker</p> <p>Are the top-ranked sell-side analysts all they’re cracked up to be? Yes and no. Social Science Research Network </p> <p>Just three weeks before his glorious Vday parade, President Xi Jinping saw 158 of his countrymen die from the Tianjin Blasts. Were they accidents, or was there something else behind it? The Jamestown Foundation</p> <p>He was JP Morgan’s chairman of global capital markets, and he also killed five people trying to demolish the center of Kano, Nigeria. Meet Ian Hannam, friend to mercenaries, persona non grata to the City, and quite possibly the most interesting man in finance. Financial Times</p> <p>Are the Paul Tudor Jones and the Stanley Druckenmiller’s of the world created in a bull market? No, they cut their teeth in the ridiculous volatility of the 80’s. Here’s a discussion on how to gain a similar edge in this current environment. Medium</p> <p>The upcoming Star Wars movie looks just as awesome as the first three. But what about its merchandise? Here are a few Star Wars products that are as ugly as Jabba crossed with a Sarlacc pit. Gizmodo</p> <p>Can China sustain its current FX policy? All signs have been pointing to no. FT Alphaville<br /> Photo: Marketa</p>
Fiat scion Lapo Elkann shows off his new custom speedboat
<p>Flashy Fiat heir Lapo Elkann has just unveiled his latest toy - a new camouflage speedboat designed by his own design and fabrication venture Garage Italia Customs.</p> <p>According to Forbes, Garage Italia had partnered with Italian craftsmen at Baglietto Yachts to create the speedboat. The vessel - imaginatively named Lap1 - is based on Bagiletto's MV13 design and customized with a digital camouflage body work designed by Italia Independent.</p> <p>The boat was hand-painted in five different shade of paint and matte transparent lacquer in the shade of blue Baglietto-built navy craft are known for. Apparently, this will not be the last collaboration between Baglietto and Garage Italia - watch this space.<br /> Photo: Garage Italia Customs via Instagram</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Weekend reading from a Wharton professor
<p>It's the last weekend of summer, the perfect time to wrap up summer reading and get in school-mode. Adam Grant, professor of management and psychology at the Wharton School, shares seven new books to read about work and psychology.</p> <p> "Presence" by Amy Cuddy: Cuddy writes about how we can achieve success by changing how we carry ourselves.<br /> "Unfinished Business" by Anne-Marie Slaughter: The CEO of the New America Foundation talks about how individuals and policy makers can push for more gender equality.<br /> "Superforecasting" by Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner: This behavior science approach examines how we can better predict major events.<br /> "Friend and Foe" by Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer: This book breaks down cooperation and competition, from social media to gender differences.<br /> "Leadership BS" by Jeff Pfeffer: Leadership advice is generally as good as dirty dishwater, and the wrong people are in power.<br /> "Rising Strong" by Brene Brown: Looking at the concept of bravery, how can we start our own personal revolutions?<br /> "Broadcasting Happiness" by Michele Gielan: Happiness isn't just about individuals, it's about sharing with others.</p> <p>Photo: Ginny<br /> &nbsp;</p>
Slamming Bill Gross in the Twitter-sphere
<p>The Internet has no love lost for Bond King Bill Gross. Gross is known for his, ahem, colorful commentary. His latest blog post was critical of the Fed, and not everyone agreed with Gross. Here are some of the grossest tweets about the King in recent weeks:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>"That's what [Bill] Gross talks. His own book." -fmr Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher @CNBC<br /> — Kelly Evans (@Kelly_Evans) September 3, 2015</p> <p>Re: Bill Gross: "I don’t think I have ever seen a bond fund drop almost 3% in one day.” @GZuckerman @kirstengrind</p> <p>— Greg Ip (@greg_ip) August 25, 2015</p> <p>@IvanTheK And that for everything he says, there is an equal and opposite Bill Gross statement some time in the last 3 years<br /> — Mark Dow (@mark_dow) September 2, 2015</p> <p>Is it just me or are these monthly updates by Bill Gross getting more and more awkward?</p> <p>— Cullen Roche (@cullenroche) September 2, 2015</p> <p>"Skin in the game" talk is silly. Why would Bill Gross care if he lost $10 million? Will change nothing in his lifestyle.<br /> — grodaeu (@grodaeu) August 26, 2015</p>
Ladies, say hello to one of the world’s most expensive necklaces
<p>There are a lot of things you can do with $200 million. You can buy Jack Ma’s new pad and maybe this yacht, or you can buy Demi Moore’s Central Park West triplex and have this East Hampton home to go with it.</p> <p>If you’re a little more adventurous, you can take 100 of your closest friends on a week-long Kenyan safari, and have enough change to buy a Eurofighter for the trip back home.</p> <p>For the ladies however, this might be a little more appropriate:</p> <p>Made by world-renowned jeweler Wallace Chan for Chow Tai Fook, “A Heritage in Bloom” would set you back 200 million big ones if you were to recreate it.</p> <p>Beginning with the raw, 507.55 carat Cullinan Heritage diamond Chow Tai Fook purchased for $35 million back in 2010, Chan put in 47,000 man hours of cutting, polishing, and adding hundreds more stones to create the necklace that you see here today. It’s apparently centered on 24 flawless diamonds, with largest coming in at 104 carats, and Barron’s says that it can be worn in 27 different ways.</p> <p>It isn’t for sale though, as Adrian Cheng, Chow Tai Fook chairman Henry Cheng’s son told Barron’s:<br /> “This is jewelry of the company, Chow Tai Fook, but it represents the idea of family for generations as well. It represents a sense of heritage as well.”<br /> Photo: Judy van der Velden</p>
Funniest Tom Brady tweets
<p>Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may be cleared in the eyes of the law, but he certainly isn't for thousands of football fans in the U.S. Here are some of the best tweets about Brady:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>...And let the Tom Brady Internet reaction fun begin!<br /> — SundayNight Football (@SNFonNBC) September 3, 2015<br /> Some are witty zingers. </p> <p>Aside from Malcolm Butler, Judge Richard Berman has now forced the most significant turnover in Patriots franchise history.</p> <p>— Field Yates (@FieldYates) September 3, 2015</p> <p>#tombrady didnt see his shadow (may not even have 1) either way, 4 more weeks of coworkers hacky, deflated balls, jokes<br /> — Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) September 3, 2015</p> <p>Tom Brady is a hall of fame quarterback, but when someone asks to see his phones he's like</p> <p>— Eric Rosenthal (@ericsports) September 3, 2015</p> <p>Celebs have reacted to:</p> <p>A stoned Snoop Dogg is not thrilled about Tom Brady's overturned suspension:<br /> — SB Nation (@SBNation) September 3, 2015<br /> But Pats fans, of course, couldn't be happier. </p> <p>This is all I have to say. #TomBrady</p> <p>— Mary Georgantopoulos (@marygeorgant) September 3, 2015</p> <p>Tom Brady out here like<br /> — FutureHendrixs (@AINTTHATSHAWN) September 3, 2015</p> <p>God bless the American Justice System #PatsNation</p> <p>— JTE (@SchmoesJTE) September 3, 2015</p>
What Wall Street can learn from Tom Brady
<p>New England Patriots' golden boy, Tom Brady, is back for NFL's opening week after a Federal judge overturned Brady's four-game suspension for his role in "deflate-gate." Allegedly deflating footballs isn't exactly like allegedly messing with the markets, but Brady's victory in court can teach Wall Streeters a few things about how to survive an investigation.</p> <p> Destroy your cell phone every few months. No one will question it if you break your old phone every time you get a new one, which you should do at least twice a year. Texts to colleagues and friends? Gone.<br /> Come up with awesome nicknames for you and your friends. The Patriots' ball boy called himself the "deflator" because he wanted to lose weight. Why not dub yourself something like "the flash [crasher]"?<br /> Have your super model wife stand behind you at your press conferences. Sorry, is someone accusing you of something? We got distracted by those long legs behind you.<br /> Have an inept regulator. Oh, wait...<br /> Be incredibly awesome at your job. No one wants to lose their star quarterback, literally. Be the office QB. And maybe line up some high powered endorsements while you're at it.</p> <p>Photo: Keith Allison</p>
Ex-Merrill president leads dining revolution
<p>Ahmass Fakahany once led board rooms and managed billions of dollars, now he oversees the restaurants his former peers frequent.</p> <p>Fakahany, who left Merrill Lynch in 2007, and chef Michael White own the Altamarea Group of restaurants, reports Business Insider. In Altamarea's flagship Italian restaurant Marea on Central Park South one can spot hedge funder Dan Loeb, or Bill Ackman, or Goldman Sach's Lloyd Blankfein. The model for Marea is clean and simple; class without the frills; quality without being ostentatious. Post-financial crisis, if you will.</p> <p>That simple sophistication has been a success, so much so that Altamarea just opened its biggest location yet on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The French Vaucluse serves up escargots, duck and pork terrine, and plenty of truffles. The company now has a total 16 restaurants around the world. Annual revenue has grown from about $3 million in 2008 to more than $50 million. Writes Business Insider:<br /> “Well, he’s certainly mastered Italian, so I’m anxious to see what Michael can do with French cuisine," said Jim Chanos, founder of short-biased hedge fund Kynikos Associates.<br /> The Egyptian-born Fakahany dreamed of a hospitality career while working for Merrill around the world. He started the Merrill Lynch wine collection, and set the entertainment standards for the bank's meetings and dinners. Fakahany met White while dining with clients at the former Soho restaurant Fiamma, and the two hit it off. Since then, the team has hired other reformed-Wall Streeters for their team, such as CFO Arthur Li, who previously worked at J.P. Morgan and in private equity at Wasserstein &amp; Co. It doesn't hurt to be be able to identify with the clients.<br /> Photo: Krista</p>
Beverly Hills 90210 star pad up for $2.9m
<p>Remember the 90's teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210? If so, there is chance you will remember Luke Perry who played the show’s bad-boy heartthrob Dylan McKay. Well, Perry is selling up.    </p> <p>Perry (now a 48-year-old father of two, feeling old yet?) has put his home up for sale for $2.9 million. Unfortunately it's not in Beverly Hills but in LA’s Hancock Park. </p> <p>According to Trulia, Perry’s five-bed, four-bath, 4,062-square-foot Mediterranean-style enclave is situated in a very private estate that features an expansive backyard, a large heated pool, and a separate three-car garage.<br /> Photo: Susumu Komatsu</p>