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These Are the 7 Most Important People in Your Office
Your relationships with your manager, coworkers, and others at work contribute to everything from how happy you are to how likely you are to stay at your job. But, within that collection of relationships is a handful that can be particularly important. When you’re cultivating your work relationships, be sure to pay attention to these seven people we all need to make
Health Care Professionals Pilot VR, AR-Based Therapies
Much has been made about virtual and augmented reality's potential to transform the human experience, from education and athletics to business and entertainment. And as physicians embrace more holistic approaches to medicine, VR appears particularly well positioned to disrupt the health care space. VR In Mental Health The teleport capacities of VR are particularly poised to aid in the treatment of mental
This is What Personality Tests From Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Uber Employees Reveal About Gender Differences
The issue of sexism in tech is finally entering the mainstream conversation in a big way. And while it’s been scientifically proven that there are no significant differences between men and women’s brains, the notion persists as an excuse for the lack of parity in tech and other industries. In light of the assertions about so-called biological differences in the now infamous anti-diversity memo
Video: Lloyd Blankfein 'Advice to Our Summer Interns'
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Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, recently spent time with the firm’s summer interns from around the world talking about his path to Goldman Sachs, offering career advice and discussing what’s next for the firm. New Report Points To MF Global's "Unlawful" Mistakes Goldman: Assume Low Volatility Lasts For At Least One Year Koo Ponders What If All
5 Ways to Tell Your Boss No Without Actually Saying No
Managers often ask us to do things we don’t want to: work late, work on a weekend, attend a conference the same weekend we have concert tickets, help a difficult colleague finish a project. While it’s important to be a team player, it’s equally important to stay happy at work. In fact, it might even be good for your career
This is What it Takes to Get a Regular Job After Giving Up on Self-Employment
Osvaldo Ruiz has no trouble recalling how “cutthroat” the mortgage industry was in 2005, and how many “dubious people” were out there hawking mortgages nobody could afford. That’s because it was the year he quit his full-time job in construction “with hopes of becoming a real estate mogul,” a dream that Ruiz sounds glad didn’t pan out in retrospect. Around a year
How to Structure the Week Before Vacation So the Friday Isn't a Nightmare
The struggle to leave for a weeklong vacation without feeling stressed is real. Just ask Tracey Gritz, productivity expert and owner of The Efficient Office. The week before vacation one of her clients worked late every night. Her work was so frantic on the days leading up to her Caribbean getaway that, as soon as the plane took off, her client broke
Here are Some Highlights From the Bonkers Anthony Scaramucci Interview Everyone is Talking About
The New Yorker published a fantastic and truly bizarre interview on Thursday with new White House communications director - and Skybridge Capital founder - Anthony "Mooch" Scaramucci that pretty much encapsulates the batshit craziness of the Trump White House in one fell swoop. The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza explains that Mooch called him up after Lizza had tweeted about President Trump having dinner
I'm Glad I Hired One of My Startup's Biggest Skeptics
My startup just welcomed its first-ever hire since our launch, and he is not impressed with us. He shouldn’t be–we have so much to do to turn our early milestones into sustainable, long-term success. It is a little weird to interview somebody who doesn’t care a whole lot about what you’ve accomplished so far, and doesn’t mind saying so. But even so, I’m glad
Jeff Bezos Now the World’s Richest Person  
A longstanding piece of trivia has been changed today, as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos officially surpassed Bill Gates’ net worth. Bloomberg reports that a 1.3 percent bump in Amazon shares this morning, bringing the market price to $1,065.92, gave Bezos a $200 million edge over Gates, with their respective net worths at $90.9 and $90.7 billion. Microsoft founder Gates has held