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1 million TV viewers means $1M to charity
<p>Venture capital billionaire Tim Draper really, really wants people to watch his new reality show.</p> <p>Draper is offering $1 million to charities if his "Startup U" on ABC Family gets 1 million viewers this week, reports Hollywood Reporter. The reality show follows young entrepreneurs attending Draper University in Silicon Valley. The show, which premiered August 11, only attracted 47,000 viewers to its most recent episode. The philanthropy approach is certainly different than other business reality shows like "The Apprentice" and "Shark Tank" have used. Failure could sadly mean Americans are more interested in Donald Trump yelling at people than philanthropy.</p> <p>Draper's seven week, Draper University course teaches the basics of launching a startup, and gives students the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to venture capitalists. More than 150 past students have received more than $15 million total to begin their companies.</p> <p>Draper made his billions investing in companies like Hotmail, Skype, and China's Baidu, reports Venture Beat. For his next move, Draper announced that he is investing "a few million dollars" in California VC firm Wavemaker Partners.<br /> Photo: Disney | ABC Television Group</p>
Bill Ackman is a man of simple needs
<p>Let’s say you’re a newly-minted billionaire hedge fund manager known to be hyper-competitive and maybe even a little bit of a show-off. How’d you like your office to look like?</p> <p>Would you go all John Thain and have a $68,000 19th Century Credenza to go with your $87,000 pair of “guest chairs?” Or would you go the Soros/Lazard route and opt for ratty furnishings to show how scrappy and performance-minded you are?</p> <p>Well, if you’re a billionaire fund manager named Bill Ackman, Crain’s says you go a totally different route:<br /> “Mr. Ackman, who hopes to relocate his firm Pershing Square Capital Management into the 464,000-square-foot property located at 787 Eleventh Ave., has grand plans for his new office, according to sources. He wants to add two floors, totaling 60,000 square feet, on top of the eight-story building and install a large outdoor roof deck with a swimming pool and tennis court. Pershing Square, currently located at 888 Seventh Ave., would occupy the entire glass-boxed addition and have exclusive use of the pool and court.”<br /> Photo: Insider Monkey</p>