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Binance to Launch Lending Platform
Binance, the world largest cryptocurrency exchange, has set its sights on the lending space. According to an announcement, the crypto giant will launch a lending platform called “Binance Lending” as a “value-added service to Binance users who hold idle digital assets.” The service – which goes live on August 28 – allows holders of Binance Token (BNB), Ethereum Classic (ETC),
Craig Wright Loses Case – Must Hand Over ‘Billions’ in Bitcoin to Kleiman Estate
Craig Wright had a terrible, no good, very bad Monday. The legal battle between Wright and the estate of his former business partner, David Kleiman, went terribly pear-shaped for Wright on Monday when the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida awarded half of his multi-billion Bitcoin fortune to the Kleiman estate. The Block: In 2018, David Kleiman’s
Plenty to Worry About, but Not Much to Do
Every summer for the past several decades I have organized a series of Friday lunches in eastern Long Island for serious investors. More than 100 people attend the four sessions, with 25–30 at each one. The participants include hedge fund, private equity and real estate billionaires, venture capitalists, an academic and some corporate leaders. I moderate a discussion of the
A Bottom-Up Approach To Blockchain For US Industry
It’s no surprise that global supply chains are warming up to the benefits of blockchain implementations into their industries. Less than a month after the National Machining and Tooling Association (NTMA) partnered with blockchain manufacturing leader SyncFab, the Japanese industry has followed suit. jaydeep_ / Pixabay The Japanese Blockchain Consortium is headed by Mitsubishi at the helm. Similar to the SyncFab-NTMA partnership, its goal
'We Are Continuing To Innovate': Sterling Trading Tech Plans To Build Out Infrastructure, Add Support For New Assets
Andrew Actman and Jim Nevotti of Sterling Trading Tech, a buy- and sell-side trading solution, discussed getting ahead in a high-competition industry with Benzinga. A Look At Sterling's Offerings Sterling Trading Tech is a technology company for global stocks, options and futures markets. STT processes 5% of daily U.S. equity volume, according to the company. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: iStock
Singaporean Fintechs to Ramp up Hiring Amid Slowing Economy
Here’s some good news for those looking to break into fintech; the Nikkei Asian Review reports that despite a cooling economy, Singaporean fintech firms are planning to rev up hiring: A report by the Singapore FinTech Association and consultancy PwC earlier this week showed 94% of fintech companies are planning to expand their workforce over the next 12 months, with
Report: Asian Fintech Funding Stagnates Despite Record-Breaking Global Deal Volume
While global fintech M&A continues to shatter records, Asian fintech funding remains dull, according to a report by Hampleton Partners. Fundraising in fintech continues its record-breaking course. With 818 fundraises so far in 2019, the anticipated annualised figure of 1,636 would set a new annual record, narrowly beating those figures recorded in 2017 (1,632) and in 2016 (1,633). Furthermore, excluding
Trading Bandwidth For Crypto: NOIA Brings New Tech, Cisco Partnership To Programmable Internet Space
Domas Povilauskas, co-founder and CEO at the blockchain and AI internet infrastructure company NOIA Network Limited, told Benzinga his firm aims to shape the future of the internet. About NOIA The company's genesis was with an experienced team of network engineers who leveraged new technologies to improve existing networking infrastructures, Povilauskas told Benzinga. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: iStock
Top 100 Global Fintech Startups Have Exploitable Security Vulnerability
Web security company, ImmuniWeb, has conducted research into the state of application security at the most prominent and well-funded global fintech startups, as identified by CB Insights, and found that 98 of the top 100 are vulnerable to phishing, web and mobile application security attacks. Key Findings: Security ImmuniWeb conducted various non-intrusive security, privacy and compliance checks to identify potential security
Can a Growth Scare Benefit Tech Stocks?
Given the recent volatility, investors may be wary of tech. Not so fast, Russ explains. Despite an abrupt and punishing market swoon that disproportionately punished more volatile sectors, technology is holding its own. During the past month the sector has outperformed by roughly 100 basis points (bps, or one percentage point). Even with the prospect for more volatility, investors may