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Video: Nelson Peltz on the Difference Between an Activist Investor and an Engaged Investor
Nelson Peltz, the chief executive and a founding partner of Trian Fund Management, joins Reuters Breakingviews Global Editor Rob Cox for an exclusive one-on-one conversation on how investors can better work with the companies they own in 2018 See video and a small text excerpt below We've never come with a plan to embarrass anybody. We always come with a
Henley Video Series. NexChange Talks Global Macro Hedge Funds with AIA
Hedge Funds, Video
The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Series features NexChange’s Andrew Work speaking to top hedge fund and finance professionals. Here, Alex Gardner looks at the big opportunities and challenges for global macro hedge funds in 2017 including volatility implications arising from the "Trump factor."
Henley Video Series: NexChange Talks Platforms for Startup Hedge Funds with Swiss-Asia
Hedge Funds, Video
The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Series features NexChange's Andrew Work speaking to top hedge fund and finance professionals. Here, Riccardo Lehmann, managing director of Swiss-Asia Asset Management in Hong Kong, looks at platforms for startup hedge funds and how they can help managers get the most out of their investments.
Video: 'Value in Tech' May Be Oxymoron — John Burbank
“Value In Tech” May Be Oxymoron — John Burbank Passport Capital Q2 Letter: Warning Signs SALT 2016 Conference: Chanos Vs Burbank On Short .. This article was originally published in ValueWalk.
Video: John Burbank's Problem With Bottom-Up Value
John Burbank’s Problem With Bottom-Up Value Also see Passport Capital Q2 Letter: Warning Signs John Burbank 2014 Letter: Short Crude Oil; Bullish On US .. This article was originally published in ValueWalk.
Former Goldman Intern/Heavenly Blessed Beauty Joins Winton Capital Management
She may be known more for her bouncy guitar performances, but former Goldman Sachs intern-slash-YouTube smokeshow Jess Greenberg is more than just a hottie with a karate body. efinancialcareers: According to Greenberg’s public profile, she joined Winton as an analyst in October 2016. Winton insiders say she’s working with the head of Middle East Business Development and Investor Solutions. Winton
Video: Kyle Bass on China ” largest macro imbalance in global history”
Real Vision co-founder, Grant Williams, recently sat down with Kyle Bass, founder and CIO of Hayman Capital Management, to get his take on sizing positions, China and the appeal to hold gold. Bass shares his views on the importance of having conviction on a thesis and the core process behind this, stating, ““Its easy to maintain a conviction, its harder
Video: York Capital’s Jamie Dinan on the ‘demise’ of the hedge fund industry
Is the $3 trillion hedge fund industry slated to go kaput? Recent headlines would try to make you feel that way, but as far as York Capital Management’s Jamie Dinan is concerned, they couldn’t be more wrong.
Video: Asia offers strong potential for hedge funds
The investor demand for Asian strategies is steadily growing and isn't going to stop, says Philip Tye, director at HFL Advisors. There's strong potential for returns for hedge funds in Asia, and money will continue to flow into the region, he says. As China opens its capital market more, it's going greatly influence the hedge fund industry.
Video: New hedge fund course boosts talent, expertise in Asia
"There's less (hedge fund) talent in Asia than there is in the U.S. and Europe," says Steve Bernstein, managing director at Hudson Japan K.K. and a founder of the new Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program in Hong Kong. The vast majority of hedge fund money invested in Asia is coming from the west, he says, because many Asian managers lack