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Move Over Mike Novogratz, Bitcoin Funds Now Take Minutes to Create
With the cryptoasset industry booming, and star fund managers such as Michael Novogratz planning to launch a half billion dollar cryptoasset fund, it was only a matter of time before crypto funds-of-funds started to appear. Q3 Hedge Fund Letters - Klarman Again), RobinHood (More), Corsair, Einhorn And Much More [UPDATED] Bitcoin Gold Fork Bloomberg reports that the first crypto fund-of-funds
15 Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Set for Launch as Bitcoin Surges
Our series on Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds hedge funds continues below. Updated: July 13.  A surge in initial coin offerings has become a byproduct of the recent spike in demand for cryptocurrencies. Initial coin offerings or ICOs for short, are in the words of Forbes contributor Laura Shin, “what you get if bitcoin and Kickstarter had a baby.” These products are a
Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Generate Huge Returns as Bitcoin Surges
Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds are a real thing and doing well but watch out as correlation is high to the bitcoin price index and the newly created Crypto-currency fund index No matter how exotic the asset, if there are profits to be made you can be sure Wall Street will find some way of getting in on the action. That’s exactly
New Report Shows AI Hedge Funds Are Crushing Their Human Overlords
If there is one constant in the world of quantitative investing and mechanical trading strategies it is change. In a report on artificial intelligence (AI) entering the hedge fund space and doing so with a bang, Eurekahedge noted the changing alternative investment landscape in a January report. The report noted AI hedge fund firms with machine learning are outperforming “traditional
Popping The Bubble Of Artificial Intelligence In Investing
Artificial Intelligence Investing bubble? The omnipotent mythology surrounding artificial intelligence and machine learning, particularly as it relates to investing and trading, is the real bubble that needs to be burst. Such are messages from two of the quantitative trading world’s brightest minds.  Speaking at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit Wednesday, David Siegel, founder of the $37 billion Two Sigma