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E-Cigarette Industry Has its First Billionaires
Altria Group announced a $12.8 billion investment in Juul Labs Inc., acquiring a minority stake in the popular e-cigarette company and valuing it at $38 billion. The investment by Altria makes Juul's founders Adam Bowen and James Monsees the first e-cigarette billionaires, according to Bloomberg. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index notes that - assuming Altria's transaction dilutes the holdings of current
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – What Would That Look Like?
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There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence, or AI, is making its mark on several industries. Although the public is fascinated by AI’s numerous possibilities in entertaining and gaming, more urgent AI applications can be found in the health care industry. What follows is an overview of several ways AI can be applied to health care, emphasizing its role in predicting
Virtual Reality May Help Detect Alzheimer’s Disease
geralt / Pixabay Many people are scared of growing old, not only because they fear death but also because they’re concerned about developing Alzheimer’s disease. Now a team of scientists is using virtual reality technology to detect Alzheimer’s disease while it’s still in the early stages. Virtual reality headsets are rarely seen in applications other than in gaming. However, they
Amazon Prime Health is Coming, According to an Early Investor
John Doerr, an early investor in both Google and Amazon, believes Jeff Bezos’s company will offer a “Prime Health” for medical and health products, Christina Farr reports at Doerr remains close with the Amazon founder, and didn’t mind speculating on where Bezos might take his company next. “Imagine what it’s going to be like when he rolls out Prime
Amazon Brings Machine Learning to Healthcare
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Amazon announced the launch of a new machine learning service that can extract relevant medical details - including patient diagnoses, medication and dosage, symptoms and signs - from unstructured text, such as doctors’ notes, pathology and radiology reports, prescriptions and audio interview transcripts. Called Amazon Comprehend Medical, the service utilizes text analysis and machine learning to read patient records that
Healthcare Needs to Innovate. Enter Blockchain Technology.
Given that 2018 has been an especially terrible year for cryptocurrencies - and an eleventh-hour rally is highly unlikely - one could argue that this is the year when the most interesting discussions around blockchain have been about all the ways how it can be utilized for innovation beyond digital coins. Having evolved from the days when it was introduced
Analyst Upgrades Fitbit Ahead of Push into MedTech Space
Fitness tracker Fitbit Inc (NYSE: FIT)'s announcement it will enter the health care and medical technology space is a bullish catalyst for the stock. The Analyst Wedbush analysts led by Michael Pachter upgraded Fitbit from Neutral to Outperform with an unchanged $6.50 price target. The Thesis Fitbit on Sept. 19 launched a new connected health platform called Fitbit Care, which
Orig3n Teams up With ZhongAn to Bring Healthtech to China
Boston-based biotech firm Orig3n has reportedly teamed up with online insurance juggernaut ZhongAn Online Property and Casualty Insurance to bring healthtech solutions to Chinese consumers, according to a press release. ZhongAn, the “first and largest online-only insurance company in China,” primarily offers insurance products and solutions for lifestyle consumption, consumer finance, health, auto, and travel. However, with Orig3n’s support it
Report: Amazon Has a Secret Team Specializing in Health Tech
Amazon is adding a new rung on its vertical integration ladder, as CNBC reports a secret skunkworks lab is focusing on the future of health care. The covert team, named 1492 by the company, is exploring topics such as telemedicine, electronic medical records and health apps for Amazon’s various in-home devices. Two people familiar with the situation told CNBC that the
Diabetes Monitoring Program Glooko Raises $35 Million in Series C Funding
Glooko is a startup that sells a data management healthcare service on top of a device-agnostic platform to help doctors monitor their diabetes patients remotely, and it just brought in $35 million in Series C funding, reports TechCrunch. Georgian Partners, a Toronto-based equity firm wast he chief investor in the round, joined by previous investors Canaan Partners, Social Capital, Medtronic