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Amazon Launches Virtual Clinic Called Amazon Care
Amazon, the world’s largest internet company by revenue, quietly launched a virtual health clinic for Seattle-area employees, CNBC reports. The virtual clinic, named Amazon Care, offers a variety of services, from app-, video-, or chat-based telemedicine all the way to prescription drug delivery. “We’re currently piloting a healthcare benefit designed to help Amazon employees get fast access to healthcare without
Study: AI Not Much Better Than Humans in Medical Diagnosis
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Despite all the hype surrounding AI outperforming humans in medical diagnosis, it turns out they’re about par, at best. According to The Guardian, a recent study found that artificial intelligence and human experts were equally skilled at interpreting medical images. Prof Alastair Denniston, at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS foundation trust and a co-author of the study, said the results
Citi, IBM, Ubisoft Join Singaporean Blockchain Accelerator
Tribe Accelerator, Singapore’s first government-backed blockchain accelerator, has added another batch of big names to its corporate partners list. According to the Straits Times, IBM, Citibank, and Ubisoft have all joined Tribe as corporate partners for the second edition of its four-month program. The three giants, Tribe says, will help participating start-ups gain better access to international markets and resources.
Apple Launches 3 ‘Groundbreaking’ Health Studies
Apple, the Cupertino-based electronics giant, seems to be blazing trails on the healthtech scene. According to a press release, the company will launch three “unprecedented” medical studies, all done in partnership with leading institutions. The studies will be available on Apple’s new – and free – Research app, “which democratizes how medical research is conducted by bringing together academic medical
New AI Can Help Predict Heart Attacks Five Years in Advance
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By “harnessing the power of AI,” researchers at the University of Oxford have found a way to predict heart attacks at least five years in advance. Medical Xpress reports that researchers funded by the British Heart Association (BHA) have developed a new biomarker – or “fingerprint” – that spots cardiovascular red flags using machine learning. The biomarker, called the fat
This Robotic Contact Lens Lets You Zoom By Blinking
Pexels / Pixabay A new robotic contact lens is controlled via simple eye movements. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego developed the contact lens to work off the electrical signals which are given off naturally by the human eye. Among other things, they hope the lens can one day be used to control robots or machines using only
3 High-Tech Medical Breakthroughs You May Have Missed
Is technology damaging your health? While there is a plethora of evidence to suggest that our biology does not always respond well to technology, there’s also another side to this story. Technology is now improving healthcare in ways we never could have imagined. PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay Three examples of high-tech medical breakthroughs in recent years include the use of medical
MDs To Prescribe Sex Robots, Already Covered By Medical Insurance
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MDs to Prescribe Sex Robots, Already Covered by Medical Insurance; Lack of Regulation Could Trigger Many Problems, Including Citizenship For Robots niekverlaan / Pixabay WASHINGTON, D.C.  (June 13, 2019) –  Experts are predicting that hyper-realistic sex robots [sexbots] will soon be prescribed by doctors for people, largely male, diagnosed as “sexually dysfunctional,” and Psychology Today is warning that the large
Machine Learning-Supported CT Scanning Delivers Satisfying Results
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Seanbatty / Pixabay It’s no secret that artificial intelligence and machine learning have excellent applications in various medical fields. After attempting to use artificial intelligence with MRI imaging, the next step is machine learning-supported CT scanning with lower doses of radiation, and it yields great results. Artificial intelligence is not only used to reduce radiation exposure in computerized tomography (CT)
How Virtual Assistant Services Help Doctors And Healthcare Orgs
It is a well-known fact that doctors work for a lot of hours. In the healthcare environment, the filling of forms, performing the paperwork of reports is very time-consuming. Due to the sense of medical urgency, many people expect fact in-flow and outflow of information. Till the time, it becomes a reality; the medical practitioners can extend the information to