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Jeff Bezos Caves to Criticism and Raises Amazon's Minimum Wage
About a month after U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders publicly criticized Amazon for underpaying its warehouse workers, Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will be raising the minimum wage for all U.S. employees to $15 per hour. The pay raise will cover all full-time, temporary and seasonal employees. It will go into effect on Nov. 1. “We listened to our critics,
Tesla, Elon Musk Remain Mum on Settlement With S.E.C. as Shares Rebound
Although Elon Musk and Tesla reached a $20-million settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission over the weekend after the government agency had sued Musk last week for tweeting about taking Tesla private, neither he nor his company had issued a statement about the settlement as of Monday afternoon. Despite Musk and Tesla staying quiet about the settlement, Tesla's shares
Facebook Says Hackers May Have Accessed 50M Accounts in Security Breach
Facebook announced on Friday that hackers may have accessed about 50 million accounts in another security breach. The company said in a blog post "it’s clear that attackers exploited a vulnerability in Facebook’s code that impacted “View As," which is a feature on the platform that allows a user to see how their own profile looks to others on Facebook.
Was Elon Musk Trying to Make a Marijuana Joke to Impress His Girlfriend When He Sent His Infamous Tweet?
A day after the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Elon Musk, Tesla's stock plunged 12 percent and shareholders were faced with their "worst case scenario": Musk being ousted from the company he founded. Bloomberg is reporting that the S.E.C. had actually offered Musk and Tesla a way out of this mess by proposing a deal "that would have allowed him
S.E.C. Sues Elon Musk and Seeks to Ban Him From Running a Public Company
The Securities and Exchange Commission sued Elon Musk on Thursday for "false and misleading public statements and omissions" that harmed investors and "caused significant confusion and disruption in the market for Tesla's stock." The S.E.C.'s lawsuit, which is the result of Musk's infamous tweet expressing his desire to take Tesla private, seeks to bar Musk from serving as an executive
10 Years Of Android: How the Operating System Reached 86% Market Share
The ubiquitous Android mobile operating system that powers most non-Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) smartphones debuted on Sept. 23, 2008 — 10 years ago today. Although the platform was unveiled in 2007, the first commercial device armed with the Android OS — the T-Mobile Us Inc (NASDAQ: TMUS) G1 — debuted the following year. Android's Birth, Evolution Android came into Alphabet
This is How We Get More Women in Venture Capital
A few months before the Harvey Weinstein story broke last fall, Silicon Valley had its own reckoning, when numerous VCs were accused of sexual harassment. Cowboy Ventures cofounder Aileen Lee, one of the most prominent female VCs in the Valley, approached women in her network and proposed that they come together to do something. The result was All Raise, a
Report: Trump is Weighing Executive Order to Probe Antitrust Violations by Big Tech
In what would be a significant step toward ramping up his ideological battle with Silicon Valley, Bloomberg is reporting that President Trump could sign an executive order directing federal antitrust and law enforcement agencies to investigate the operations of Facebook, Google and other Big Tech companies. The White House has already drafted up the order, which was obtained by Bloomberg
Instagram's Co-Founders Stun Silicon Valley By Stepping Down
The New York Times dropped a bombshell on Tuesday, reporting that Instagram's two co-founders - Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger - have resigned from the photo-sharing app and will depart the company "in the coming weeks." Systrom, Instagram's chief executive, and Krieger, chief technical officer, told both Instagram's "leadership team" and Facebook on Monday that they are leaving the company,
Citing Ongoing Trade War, Alibaba's Jack Ma Nixes Plan to Create 1M New U.S. Jobs
After meeting with then-president-elect Trump back in January, Jack Ma pledged to create 1 million new jobs in the United States by supporting an increased number of sales from U.S. small businesses on the Alibaba platform. However, the billionaire co-founder and chairman of the $420-billion e-commerce behemoth said in an interview with China’s state news agency Xinhua that the ongoing